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A weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise.
  1. 'Weapons will primarily consist of pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and projectile launchers.'
  2. 'Shotguns, air pistols, ball-bearing guns and a revolver with about 60 rounds of ammunition had been handed in to local police stations by Wednesday.'
  3. 'The protrusions are massive guns and missiles - the metal monster is carrying enough artillery to level a small town.'
  4. 'They have high-speed capabilities, can reach Mach three, and are armed with only air-to-air missiles and guns.'
  5. 'Frank will have access to 18 separate weapons, ranging from pistols and rifles to submachine guns and shotguns.'
  6. 'The threat from all types of firearms, be it a real gun, a replica weapon or an airgun is increasing and action must be taken now.'
  7. 'It was normal gun with metal bullets, but the speed at which he pulled the trigger was amazing.'
  8. 'As silently as he possibly can, he fills his gun with bullets and revolves it, preparing to take aim.'
  9. 'The Warrior adapts to a range of roles with weapon fits ranging from machine pistols to 90 mm guns, mortars and missile systems.'
  10. 'The police have been equipped with water cannon, attack dogs, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullet guns.'
  11. 'At a public hearing last week, speakers against the proposal outnumbered the supporters and criticized the use of traps and bolt guns as cruel.'
  12. 'Irrigation is available from a borehole and water is applied with a rain gun as required.'
  13. 'The starting gun was sounded by Evan's grandfather James Tiernan.'
  14. 'The starting gun was sounded last week to launch the presidential election campaign in Chechnya.'
  15. 'The news was like a starting gun to the physics world.'
  16. 'She would probably have won even more, but for being disqualified in 1995 for taking a step out of her lane just after the starting gun went.'
  17. 'The race for the White House In just eight days, the starting gun will fire for America's presidential election 2000.'
  18. 'On the extreme left, crouching low, its arms hanging near its feet, was an ape; it looked intent, like an athlete waiting for the gun to go off.'
  19. 'Last Saturday, the first race under the new name took place at Sparrows Den, in West Wickham, with Will's mother Jan firing the starting gun.'
  20. 'The starting gun sends camels bolting forth in a graceful blur, then a long-stride gallop that is as precise as a quarter-horse trot.'
  21. 'It's as if we are waiting for a starting gun to signal us to go.'
  22. 'The way-out wacky races with the finish line at the second Scottish parliament election on May 1 sees the starting gun fired with a busy September.'
  23. 'A normal royal gun salute is 21 guns, but that was increased to 41, because it was fired from a royal residence.'
  24. 'Omitting the first few isotopes in the decay series would be like removing the first few guns in our ‘salute’.'
  25. 'a hired gun'
Muscular arms; well-developed biceps muscles.
  1. 'Saturday brought out the men, and Bentson easily took first place by curling 85 pounds for 63 reps with his massive guns.'
  2. 'It's time to stop daydreaming and make those huge guns a reality!'
  3. 'A successful competitive bodybuilder, the 6'1" 225-pounder relies on his symmetry and enormous guns come contest time.'
  4. 'Everybod had their eyes riveted on his 22-inch guns.'
  5. 'When these two armed and dangerous men flex their guns, muscle meets cotton in a battle of supremacy, and the smart money is with the muscle.'


Shoot someone with a gun.
  1. 'It is six months this week since her husband and soulmate Brian was brutally gunned down as he changed a tyre on his car at the Huddersfield garage where he worked.'
  2. 'Days later, Gregg was gunned down near Belfast docks as he returned from a Glasgow Rangers football match.'
  3. 'Canada said good-bye this week to four brave men whose lives were only just beginning when they were gunned down in a senseless act of violence in Mayerthorpe, Alberta.'
  4. 'But we're not sure of the circumstances, whether they were - whether they were killed in the firefight or whether they were gunned down in some other kind of more devious ambush.'
  5. 'Chandra was gunned down as she entered her car in the car park of Langmore Health Clinic Foundation in Palmyra, San Fernando.'
  6. 'If they did not ‘disappear’ it was because they had been gunned down in public or tortured and killed.'
  7. 'The victims, both believed to be in their thirties, are thought to have been inside the premises when they were gunned down.'
  8. 'While we're talking about Syria, there is a report today that a Hamas leader in Damascus was gunned down, was killed.'
  9. 'Indeed, two of them were not even involved in the demonstrations that resulted in the tragedy but were peacefully walking across campus when they were gunned down.'
  10. 'Despite the uniforms, even the knowledge of who these men are, they are gunned down without hesitation.'
Cause (an engine) to race.
  1. 'He guns the engine and gels away from them, sweeping up to the front door and locking up the brakes in a skid.'
  2. 'Then he was back in the cockpit, gunning the engine, pointing the nose up and soaring over the telephone wires.'
  3. 'I heard him gunning the engine on his pickup and squealing out of the driveway.'
  4. 'The door whooshed shut, and the bus's tires skidded on the gravel driveway as the driver gunned the engine.'
  5. 'She gave Erin a wave and, gunning the quad's engine, sped away.'
  6. 'He gunned his engine, and bullied the schooner through, scraping bottom.'
  7. 'The 30 mph limit was disregarded in the euphoria of being able to gun an engine again.'
  8. 'He guns the engines, only to realise that the plane is too big to get through the hangar doors.'
  9. 'So this gentleman pulls up next to me, gunning his engine for all he's worth.'
  10. 'He gunned the engine and sped away from Darren's house.'
  11. 'he gunned the car away from the kerb'
  12. 'As fast as she could gun the car without being pulled over, she rushed from the airport to the monolithic Apath building.'
  13. 'He guns the car out of the parking lot and, because there is no traffic blocking his path, he drives unhindered straight up the road and away.'
  14. 'They gun the boat towards the fish and ease off just before they get too near them.'
  15. 'I shook my head no, and Kass laughed, gunning the truck away from home.'
  16. 'I gunned the cycle and popped a wheelie before driving out to the desert.'
  17. 'With one last glance back, both to the accelerating cop and his four friends behind him, he gunned it.'
  18. 'I couldn't get comfortable, the dreams were bad, my neighbor was gunning his motorcycle again.'
  19. 'She gunned her bike once more and set her goal on getting down there quickly as possible.'
  20. 'Motivated by this thought, Isis gunned her hover cycle before taking off.'

More definitions

1. a weapon consisting of a metal tube, with mechanical attachments, from which projectiles are shot by the force of an explosive; a piece of ordnance.

2. any portable firearm, as a rifle, shotgun, or revolver.

3. a long-barreled cannon having a relatively flat trajectory.

4. any device for shooting something under pressure: a paint gun; a staple gun.

5. Slang. a person whose profession is killing; professional killer: a gangland gun.

6. British. a member of a shooting party. 7

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be gun in places."

"places can be gun for berths."

"places can be gun."

"fires can be gun."


(gun)Middle English gunne, gonne, perhaps from a pet form of the Scandinavian name Gunnhildr, from gunnr + hildr, both meaning ‘war’.


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