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Coloured or shining like gold.
  1. 'miles of golden sand'
  2. 'She has golden blonde hair like my mother, brilliant green eyes, and she has a figure to die for.'
  3. 'My hair, braided into a crown around my head, was woven with golden ribbons.'
  4. 'Her hair was the golden colour of sunlight, and yet her hard violet eyes always seemed to freeze out any warmth she might radiate.'
  5. 'Her hair was shining golden white and she was pale, paler than Josh and John.'
  6. 'Her eyes were alight, her hair flaxen, her golden skin shining with more than just the glow of youth.'
  7. 'He felt more alive in the mountains: The air seemed crisper and smelled sweeter, the sun shone brighter and more golden.'
  8. 'The crown has a golden gleam and leaves a completely black shadow on the table.'
  9. 'A golden paper crown tops the Galette when it comes to the table, along with a silver crown for the Queen.'
  10. 'She had beautiful golden hair that shone in the light of the room.'
  11. 'His silver armor gleamed under the bright golden light that shone like a tiny sun high above in a dome-shaped ceiling.'
Made or consisting of gold.
  1. 'His eyes were fixed upon the golden throne and the jeweled crown placed on the velvet seat cushion.'
  2. 'He cradled a golden scepter in the crook of his right arm, and a golden crown of unmatched magnificence was perched on his head.'
  3. 'The sultan escorted the prince, wearing a gold crown, to a golden chair on the dais.'
  4. 'The golden crown lied sparkling on her head, covering a portion of her brown hair.'
  5. 'At a public event, Marc Antony offered him a golden crown - the mark of a king - but he refused it.'
  6. 'A golden circlet crowned his head with four perfect diamonds that sat with equal spacing in it.'
  7. 'The sapphire sparkled with energy inside and shone brilliantly against the golden ring.'
  8. 'She was approached by a woman dressed more finely than the others, and a golden crown sat upon her head.'
  9. 'Prince Alvin was wearing a brilliant black, velvet tailcoat and black britches that looked stunning with his golden crown.'
  10. 'The only details either of them could pick out was the enormous golden crown sitting on the cowled brow and the huge sword strapped to the side of the mount.'
(of a period) very happy and prosperous.
  1. 'It was a golden period in the theatre and I had no doubt whatever that it was a world to which I wanted to belong.'
  2. 'However, I think that the golden period of Aikido is now and the art will continue to develop in the future.'
  3. 'This first phase of a reissue programme covers their golden period from 1969-1972.'
  4. 'To some booksellers this year's class has provided the most golden year.'
  5. 'In that golden period of the early 1990s, there was greatness in every role he touched.'
  6. 'The Epic Period was a golden era in Indian philosophical thought because of the tolerance of different opinions and teachings.'
  7. 'Tracy Noone has been the county's regular top scorer during the golden period from 1999, but missed last year on her American sabbatical.'
  8. 'This is the golden period for any kind of music - classical, pop, fusion - because of the media and TV channels.'
  9. 'Most of them being in the age group of 50 and plus gathered to recapitulate the golden days of their study period in the college.'
  10. 'It was the start of a golden period for the county side and two years later when only 22 he became captain of the team.'
  11. 'a golden opportunity to boost foreign trade'
  12. 'That said, I think there may be a golden opportunity here.'
  13. 'He had a golden opportunity to notch another hat-trick here, but wasn't as sharp as usual and was thwarted by a mixture of poor finishing and fine goalkeeping.'
  14. 'The simple bus ride was a golden opportunity - albeit a brief one - to glimpse at the hustle and bustle of life outside of prison walls.'
  15. 'It not only brought smiles to their faces but also gave them a golden opportunity to express their talent.'
  16. 'Though they loved their club, they recognised a golden opportunity that would ultimately benefit Oak Hill, the university and the city.'
  17. 'They were handed two golden opportunities from the penalty spot to get back in the game, the first was blasted wide and the second was saved by the fantastic Keith Noone.'
  18. 'The Chancellor has missed a golden opportunity to boost the Government's strategy to cut smoking rates and improve the nation's health.'
  19. 'Councillors were being urged today not to block a golden opportunity to take Elvington Airfield - and York - into the 21st century.'
  20. 'My mother showed up but headed right for the kitchen, seizing this golden opportunity to rearrange my sister's kitchen.'
  21. 'The enforced name change imposed by EMI brought with it a golden opportunity to extend the reach of their music beyond just Irish boundaries.'
(of a singing voice) rich and smooth.
  1. 'The actor with a golden voice has moved on to the small screen in search of good roles.'
  2. 'From then on people started noticing the remarkable abilities and golden voice of the youthful singer.'
  3. 'There's the voiceover, for a start, with that voice - deep, golden, impossibly masculine and yet smooth too.'
  4. 'The King however was partly obscured by a pillar, although I could hear his voice, deep, rich and golden.'
  5. 'Just then, a golden voice in his mind gave a suggestion.'
  6. 'Ritter's death is somewhat reminiscent of the passing of comedic legend Phil Hartman, who gave the world the golden voice of Troy McLure.'
  7. 'You can turn on a radio, put on a record, pop a tape or a disc in the player and listen to her golden voice, the transcendent beauty of the music she creates.'
  8. 'Long after Faithfull is gone, it should be for her exhausted yet golden voice that we remember her.'
  9. 'Ireland has always had a tradition of superb tenors, and the golden voice of Tom Cregan echoes that tradition.'
  10. 'Now 75, she has lost none of her warmth and charm, and her voice still has its rich, golden quality.'


1. bright, metallic, or lustrous like gold; of the color of gold; yellow: golden hair.

2. made or consisting of gold: golden earrings.

3. exceptionally valuable, advantageous, or fine: a golden opportunity.

4. having glowing vitality; radiant: golden youth.

5. full of happiness, prosperity, or vigor: golden hours; a golden era of exploration.

6. highly talented and favored; destined for success: television's golden boy.

7. richly soft and smooth: a golden voice

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"people can be golden behind mikeses."

"silences can be golden by things."

"skins can be golden as milks."

"powers can be golden in mouths."

"places can be golden behind mikeses."

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