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Give out steady light without flame.
  1. 'The light should glow for a moment and then go off.'
  2. 'There's a light bulb glowing over my head that is brighter than the flaring of a sour gas well.'
  3. 'Nowadays the town is famed for its Saturday market, based in the central square, where at night the restaurants around the edges spill into the open air and lights glow in the trees.'
  4. 'It glows under ultraviolet light and can be broken down so that a millimetre of hair would be enough to give an analysis.'
  5. 'The candles glow, what light there is bounces around on the luminescent green walls, and the sound bounces way up to the high ceiling.'
  6. 'It was purchased and now sits proudly on the counter top, pretty lights flashing and glowing and he still just doesn't ‘get it’!'
  7. 'While the fan can be operated during the daytime to provide cool air for the head, the light glows at night.'
  8. 'The leaves seem to glow with a light of their own.'
  9. 'It was silver and light blue and glowed radiantly in the dark.'
  10. 'They glowed brightly, the light dancing amongst the dark surroundings.'
  11. with complement 'a fluorescent screen glowed a faint green colour'
  12. 'On weeknights it glows with more traditional colours.'
  13. 'Jade's bracelets began to clatter against each other and the runes began to glow alternate colours; red and gold.'
  14. 'Umbrellas, which glow red and green, and those that whistle are also in the market.'
  15. 'Three seascapes are displayed in lightboxes, allowing them to glow with saturated colour.'
  16. 'Her hand glowed a faint red and touched the person who was pulling her away.'
  17. 'Both of her arms began to glow green and red as the ground beneath her began to shake.'
  18. 'So, if peer at my PC tower in the dark under my desk, it now glows red, green and blue from the chinks in its case.'
  19. 'The mud walls glowed with the colours of sunset and the park-like scattering of acacia trees were back lit by the dusk.'
  20. 'As you turn back from where you came through, you could see the entrance glowing in a silvery colour.'
  21. 'The globe glows green or red depending on how your stock portfolio is doing.'
  22. 'I sat up and leaned against the armrest, my face glowing as I beamed from ear to ear.'
  23. 'Jane couldn't help the smile that started on her face from rapidly growing, until her whole face was practically glowing.'
  24. 'I turned my head up to see his smiling face glowing down upon me.'
  25. 'Nikias grinned, his young face glowing as he charged out of the room.'
  26. 'His smilingly face is absolutely glowing from all the alcohol.'
  27. 'Hearing of that strange adventure the children's eager faces glowed with delight and excitement.'
  28. 'Her face was glowing, more from Nick's presence than anything.'
  29. 'Her cheeks felt hot with embarrassment, but when she looked at her new husband, she saw that his face only glowed with his love for her.'
  30. 'Her face glowed as she went up to Kenny to gain access to the disc.'
  31. 'A few moments later, his face glowed with the pride of triumph.'
  32. 'Katy always glowed when he praised her'
  33. 'Ten months later Carolyn is the one worrying about work in the small hours while her husband is still glowing with fulfilment.'
  34. 'The sweet little Kiwi chalet girls were still glowing with excitement as they recounted their tales.'
  35. 'She looked up at him, her grey eyes glowing with concern.'
  36. 'When he came back into the house he was glowing with good spirits.'
  37. 'They are glowing with a sense of achievement when they leave.'
  38. 'Practically glowing with pleasure, she continued over to the fire, ladling stew into a bowl for breakfast.'
  39. 'She hadn't been on stage in 3 years and was quite giddy about it - glowing with sheer happiness to be back.'
  40. 'The teachers must be glowing with pride from the praise they've garnered.'
  41. 'Isabel lugs it everywhere, glowing with enthusiasm as she shops for the appropriate lingerie in which to embark on her cinq-a-sept affaire.'
  42. '‘It's potentially looking like a great year,’ she smiles, her eyes glowing with excitement.'


A steady radiance of light or heat.
  1. 'Firefighters described a red glow lighting up the sky when they arrived at Shuttlewood Boatyard, Waterside Road, Pagglesham.'
  2. 'I see the glint off its silver sides, the red glow where re-entry has heated it to some high temperature.'
  3. 'But some of his fellow passengers looked around nervously under the glow of red cabin lights.'
  4. 'Television footage shown by public broadcaster NHK showed a red glow lighting up the night sky from the eruption.'
  5. 'There were lit candles all over, making the room glow in a golden light.'
  6. 'A red glow lit up the horizon to the south where another city drowned in flames.'
  7. 'A glow of brilliant white light bloomed from the tips of his fingers.'
  8. 'But it was too late, as candles lit up in the houses and a brilliant glow pervaded the city.'
  9. 'The foyer was lit by a gentle glow from the office on the one end, and the atrium to the right, and I could hear hushed voices from both rooms.'
  10. 'Far in the back of his throat was a glimmer of light, a pale glow that illuminated his teeth and palate.'
  11. 'he could feel the brandy filling him with a warm glow'
  12. 'The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham has launched its autumn season brochure to help give audiences a warm glow when the summer sun fades.'
  13. 'His mind was still on Myra and his thoughts of her were spreading a warm glow through his body.'
  14. 'She felt a warm glow spread throughout her insides as she looked around the small card table her parents had set up in the family den.'
  15. 'Coming out of the theatre in the cold and the rain, I felt a warm glow inside me and fervently prayed for a kinder new year.'
  16. 'For the most part, the album, like its predecessor, gives a warm glow, akin to talking rubbish over a couple of cans with your mates.'
  17. 'When Brits do well, it still gives me a warm glow.'
  18. 'When I sat up again, I felt a pleasant glow spreading from my shoulder down to my elbow, and I found that the arm had complete freedom of movement again with almost no pain.'
  19. 'She whispered the words she had been taught so long ago and felt the heat increase, filling her body with a warm glow.'
  20. 'It's desperately unfashionable to like country music but I get a warm glow inside when I know that Emmylou doesn't share her charms with everyone.'
  21. 'A warm glow spread through me as I thought about him, managing so well in the madhouse.'
  22. 'Pick a bold but sheer shade to give you that naturally flushed, healthy looking glow.'
  23. 'Her hands went to her face, attempting to rub the telltale glow from her cheeks.'
  24. 'Natural dye from the juice of pokeberries splashed a rosy glow on the cheeks.'
  25. 'Her skin was pale, like a winter cream and she had a pink glow about her cheeks.'
  26. 'Nicola's cheeks had a healthy glow to them now, a glow that had not been there when he first saw her.'
  27. 'She didn't have to wear blush because her cheeks naturally already had a glow to them.'
  28. 'I had to be content with feeling a great glow of achievement and privilege when he said ‘yes’ to the idea of me reprinting them.'
  29. 'Some might say the club have taken refuge in recent years in the rosy glow of their triumph of 1967 so they might be as well moving permanently to the Portuguese capital.'
  30. 'As each task gets done I get a small glow of satisfaction.'
  31. 'This is Kennedy's first time helping to organize the fair, which explains why he does not have quite the glow of enthusiasm that the girls do.'
  32. 'As the credits played on, a little glow of joy sparked and bloomed into light.'
  33. 'In A Little Learning Evelyn recalls childhood as ‘an even glow of happiness’.'
  34. 'Different combinations of bows and sashes were arranged for inspection and I saw a glow of squishy maternal pride develop in my mother's eyes.'
  35. 'What would bring to his little face a glow of contentment?'
  36. 'While you bask in the glow of victory, I know what you're secretly thinking.'
  37. 'That diffuse light you see all around my office is partly the glow of satisfaction, and partly pride.'

More definitions

1. a light emitted by or as if by a substance heated to luminosity; incandescence.

2. brightness of color.

3. a sensation or state of bodily heat.

4. a warm, ruddy color of the cheeks.

5. warmth of emotion or passion; ardor. verb (used without object)

6. to emit bright light and heat without flame; become incandescent.

7. to shine like something intensely heated.

8. to exhibit a strong, bright color; be lustrously red or brilliant. 9. (of the cheeks) to exhibit a healthy, warm,

More examples(as adjective)

"effects can be glow."


Old English glōwan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gloeien and German glühen.