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Of very great size or extent; huge or enormous.
  1. 'The lake acts as a gigantic solar panel, and a ring of mountains retains the heat.'
  2. 'Over at the machinery section, farmers gazed longingly at some of the latest gigantic tractors.'
  3. 'I get confused between giant prawns, crayfish and langoustine, but these were gigantic.'
  4. 'It looks like a gigantic version of a very cheap plastic Christmas tree.'
  5. 'And thus, money was saved on the editing budget and a gigantic media star was born in the process.'
  6. 'I stepped out of the airport at 6.30 am and walked into what seemed to be a gigantic sauna.'
  7. 'Animation is a genre that has taken gigantic strides in creativity and in the use of technology.'
  8. 'Most of those wars would not be possible without the diligent efforts of the West's gigantic arms trade.'
  9. 'The hunt for a house has been a gigantic part of my life for the last year so I'm bound to feel as if there's something missing.'
  10. 'There was a gigantic tower on the bar graph for the number of people who were sick on a Monday.'


1. very large; huge: a gigantic statue.

2. of, like, or befitting a giant.

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"states can be gigantic with people."

"proportions can be gigantic."

"projects can be gigantic."

"problems can be gigantic."

"markets can be gigantic."

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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘like or suited to a giant’): from Latin gigas, gigant- (see giant) + -ic.