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An imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size.
  1. 'They include goblins, vampires, werewolves, giants, trolls, centaurs, and many more.'
  2. 'Alain was a slayer of giants and dragons, a protector of people.'
  3. 'Deep in the heart of the countryside, unsuspecting visitors can meet sleeping giants, crawl through giant skulls and get soaked by smiling stones.'
  4. 'Now all of the time she had been helped by the giant, the giant's parents had treated him as stupid.'
  5. 'He had defeated giants, trolls, fearsome dragons with his skill and his Holy Sword.'
  6. 'It is the city and the mob that have created the imaginary lives of giants out of the experience of dwarves.'
  7. 'There are stories of mythical fish, giants, time-warped towns, war heroics and bank robberies.'
  8. 'A table, made of a dark wood and engraved with images of giants and trolls and enchanting dragons, loomed as the centerpiece of the room.'
  9. 'The world of science, logic, and technology has killed off the world of dragons, giants, and heroes.'
  10. 'Under his better judgement he proposed the idea to rid the world of rogue creatures like dragons and giants and even trolls that threatened the people living around them.'
  11. 'At more than seven feet long, the coffin seemed to have been made for someone immensely tall, a giant by mediaeval standards.'
  12. 'People think the gorilla is a very vicious animal, yet they're gentle giants.'
  13. 'Mike was a giant of a man, standing over seven feet tall.'
  14. 'Plants and saplings fight to dose openings made by fallen giants.'
  15. 'Not even the tallest of giants could climb over it, as the arch was directly connected to the ceiling.'
  16. 'Gary and Ray were even taller than the half-witted giant, Seth.'
  17. 'He was a tall man, not a giant but tall, and he wore the same uniform as the other men - gray with a matching newsboy cap.'
  18. 'Even somebody from lands foreign would have pegged him as a giant: he was unusually tall for a mammalian biped, and more powerful than an elephant.'
  19. 'He is a giant even by the extreme standards of the NBA, where the average height is a healthy 6ft 5in.'
  20. 'Historic parkland in North Yorkshire is now home to some gentle giants of the animal kingdom - a herd of North American bison.'
  21. 'What do these two business giants have in common?'
  22. 'Working with a base of small businesses through to corporate giants, Mr Weir said: ‘It's exciting for me to be at the forefront of technology.’'
  23. 'When are they going to shut down the corporations, retail giants and mega-food producers who hire those illegals?'
  24. 'The top five-year earners also included three tech companies, three drugmakers, and three financial giants.'
  25. 'They are considered something of a sideshow in the struggle of corporate giants for control of markets and influence over the state.'
  26. 'There are a lot of recent examples of corporate giants that didn't manage risk, usually to their detriment.'
  27. 'There, Chandler concluded that the management of corporate giants had superseded market mechanisms as the defining element of economic activity.'
  28. 'Financial giants used loss-leading loans to telecom companies as a way of getting investment banking business and fees.'
  29. 'Even as the economy weakens, the new wine giants use their financial strength to win market share from poorly capitalized French competition.'
  30. 'Several international oil giants and oilfield service companies are based in Port Harcourt.'
  31. 'I, too, hold that he was a giant among the great thinkers of mankind.'
  32. 'He will be remembered fondly in all of our hearts and praised among the military giants.'
  33. 'He remembered Selina as a freshman, a giant among her peers with amazing speed and foot work… she really was a gifted athlete.'
  34. 'A predator in every sense of the term, a giant among fast bowlers.'
  35. 'Those are considered to be among African's soccer giants.'
  36. 'The intellectual giants of history may not all have been happy men, but they were all successful men.'
  37. 'Dawson, who died in 1970, was once hailed as a giant among historians and philosophers of history, but is almost forgotten today.'
  38. 'At 27, he's already a giant among local comic artists - and not just because of his large frame and infamously squeaky voice.'
  39. 'Indeed, one is tempted to suggest that they do not even rank among the giants of Icelandic football.'
  40. 'They have long been among the giants of our profession, and, over the years, they have received a number of accolades that testify to their status.'
  41. 'Despite her small stature, she is a giant among concert pianists.'
A star of relatively great size and luminosity compared to ordinary stars of the main sequence, and 10–100 times the diameter of the sun.
  1. 'The new Arae Neptune shares the star with two Jovian giants discovered by Butler and company in 2001.'


Of very great size or force; gigantic.
  1. 'a giant meteorite'
  2. 'Here the Allies stood and fought against tyranny in a giant undertaking unparalleled in human history.'
  3. 'During the Pleistocene, herds of giant wombats the size of a rhinoceros roamed the plains of southern Australia.'
  4. 'On his arrival at the city hall the crowd swamped him, making it difficult for him to get out of the car, but by virtue of his size the giant fighter made his way to the mayor's reception area.'
  5. 'The pain from her leg, ribs, and back swept over her in one giant wave forcing her to the floor again.'
  6. 'Every giant multinational corporation was a seed once.'
  7. 'The giant wall sized poster of one outside the museum got my attention, and I finally started to realize what was going on.'
  8. 'Several drug industry leaders have spoken over the past few years about the need to cut back their giant sales forces.'
  9. 'Thinking quickly, I bent down and threw him upwards as he flipped right onto the pool table and crashed, the entire bar shaking with a giant force.'
  10. 'Matt and Dom took to pillow fighting immediately, positively surprised at the giant size of the pillows that were put on the couches.'
  11. 'And because pensions are a form of deferred wages, Labour is really forcing through a giant wage cut.'
  12. 'This mixture is based on black salt and asefetida, a resin obtained from the rhizome of the giant fennel plant that has a strong odor of onion and garlic.'
  13. 'It also has a magnificent border of giant dahlias, a plant that has been out of fashion for years, but one that gives great value.'


1. (in folklore) a being with human form but superhuman size, strength, etc.

2. a person or thing of unusually great size, power, importance, etc.; major figure; legend: a giant in her field; an intellectual giant.

3. (often initial capital letter) Classical Mythology. any of the Gigantes.

4. Mining. monitor (def 12).

5. Astronomy. giant star. adjective

6. unusually large, great, or strong; gigantic; huge.

7. greater or more eminent than others.

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"slaloms can be giant."

"corps can be giant."

"companies can be giant."

"vales can be giant."

"people/places/organizations can be giant."

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Middle English geant (with the first syllable later influenced by Latin gigant-), from Old French, via Latin from Greek gigas, gigant-.