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Come to have (something); receive.
  1. 'what kind of reception did you get?'
  2. 'She gets a rock star reception in shopping malls, often being asked to stop for photographs or to sign autographs.'
  3. 'Yet when I ask the council to do something for me and my community what do I get - nothing.'
  4. 'He is getting a clearer idea of what will happen in terms of field of operations.'
  5. 'The lady who wrote this letter to the editor gets a free beer or cup of coffee on me if I ever meet her.'
  6. 'Okay, I'm really panicking now, will she send back all my letters when she eventually gets the bracelet?'
  7. 'They always say it will be stopped, but when I get my pay slip it is there again.'
  8. 'I got the sense that you didn't feel you had received enough information from the doctors treating your wife.'
  9. 'We're getting about 18 hours of sunshine each day.'
  10. 'It first gets leads from letters and builds up an investigative news story, mostly critical.'
  11. 'Every year he trawls through the letters and gets visits from people who have fallen on hard circumstances.'
  12. 'I got a sudden pain in my left eye'
  13. 'I was screwing in a light switch cover and got a nasty shock.'
  14. 'The students expect the cheating student to get her comeuppance but nothing happens.'
  15. 'He's got enough problems of his own without having to worry about a girl who desperately just needs someone else to want her.'
  16. 'I get a horrible stomach ache before every audition.'
  17. 'I had gotten my life's fair dose of suffering.'
  18. 'If Smith succeeds in getting a severe sentence in this case, it will send a chilling message to others in the porn trade.'
  19. 'Anyone over the age of 10 dropping litter will get a fine.'
  20. 'I got the sack once for laughing at work - I was driving a hearse at the time.'
  21. 'However, down the street a further two if not three disabled parkers had also got fixed penalty tickets.'
  22. 'Dad got fifteen months in prison, while his son got 240 hours' community service.'
  23. 'I might be getting the flu'
  24. 'It is like an injection, as when someone gets lumbago and receives a shot.'
  25. 'She felt like she was getting a thousand diseases just from their second-hand smoke.'
  26. 'Antioxidants are believed to lessen one's risk of getting heart disease and high blood pressure.'
Succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing; obtain.
  1. 'he got a teaching job in California'
  2. 'Lewis believed that the students who wrote the letter could have gotten the same result had they just come and talked to her.'
  3. 'He looked like he didn't feel good, like he hadn't gotten much sleep the night before.'
  4. 'It's a bizarre and refreshing experience, but I can't see him ever getting an Arts Council grant.'
  5. 'By then she'd got herself a job and a house, but her doctor threw her off the methadone course and she ended up back on drugs.'
  6. 'She'd hardly got any sleep the night before.'
  7. 'It is understood he received a letter last week telling him he would be getting the OBE.'
  8. 'Despite being in the same room as her for two or three hours I just didn't get a chance to bring the subject up with her.'
  9. 'Opening her car door and stepping out, Toni got a clearer glimpse of the woman.'
  10. 'The Daycare Trust says only half a million children receive the credits to get them a nursery place.'
  11. 'The program usually gets a high rating and receives a large number of sponsors.'
  12. with two objects 'I'll get you a drink'
  13. 'She kicked out at him and he released her but went into the kitchen and got the 6in-bladed knife.'
  14. 'I expounded this theory, and then, since it was a buffet lunch, went off to get some more food.'
  15. 'Tristan was still in the parking lot getting the last of the equipment out of the van.'
  16. 'As Usual she walked into the kitchen, got a can of pop and a bag of salt and vinegar chips.'
  17. 'Someone from reception gets the resuscitation kit and calls the other two doctors consulting that evening.'
  18. 'He was getting something from his pocket and it took him some time to get his wallet.'
  19. 'She'd been getting the same lunch every day for nearly two years now, and she never tired of it.'
  20. 'Making the fresh soda bread, getting the dinner, and doing her housework was her joy.'
  21. 'There are certain forms of weather we get here that are foul - pointlessly mean, surly for no reason, vindictive.'
  22. 'We still get people who have no interest except that they are having something for free.'
  23. 'I got a taxi across to Baker Street'
  24. 'Certainly, you're not getting a Circle Line train today, or for several weeks at least.'
  25. 'At the last minute, Keith decided not to get the train and instead got a later metro.'
  26. 'Add 3 + 9 + 3 to get 15.'
  27. 'He drew pictures instead of making calculations, and somehow got the right answers.'
  28. 'Lost my cell phone, but you can still get me at my landline.'
  29. 'I'll get the door!'
  30. 'Get the door for me will you, please?'
  31. 'Ooh! Get her! Want to be left alone, love?'
Reach or cause to reach a specified state or condition.
  1. 'it's getting late'
  2. with object and complement 'I need to get my hair cut'
  3. 'The affect this is having on the quality of life for residents and the business community is acute and getting worse.'
  4. 'They did an excellent job of getting everything sorted out for this test.'
  5. 'We still went ahead getting the property ready for the season, training seasonal staff and volunteers.'
  6. 'We all eventually get sick, and then we all die.'
  7. 'She nodded and stormed out of the room to get her costume ready.'
  8. 'We'll see a real resurgance of underground communications networks if this gets worse.'
  9. 'The older I get the more the issue of crime and punishment becomes a grey area.'
  10. 'It's only slowly that tech and public interest communities are getting involved.'
  11. 'If you're starting to get confused, just hang on because it gets deeper.'
  12. 'Even as technology expands the way leaders can communicate, it's gotten tougher than ever to be heard.'
  13. 'the cat got drowned'
  14. 'At times, her voice in medium range got drowned in the accompanying instruments.'
  15. 'Bag after black plastic bag got filled with old, useless paper.'
  16. 'I try to have a passive awareness… but I'm getting sidetracked into a different topic.'
  17. 'I can't remember if the cat got fed that morning.'
  18. 'Unfortunately most people seem to think that when a cat gets declawed it is only their claws that are removed.'
  19. 'Tracy's bike got stolen in Vancouver.'
  20. 'He got robbed at gunpoint in Mexico.'
  21. 'You know you're in worse shape when the cat in the movie gets billed in the credits.'
  22. 'The calm voice was always there but tended to get drowned out by the soundless scream of panic.'
  23. 'Val replies but it gets drowned out by a piano and distant chanting.'
  24. 'We do move heaven and earth to try to get the post delivered at least the next day.'
  25. 'It said it would press the contractors to get the Bilbrough work completed as soon as possible.'
  26. 'Otherwise we send out for a Chinese or get something prepared for us downstairs.'
  27. 'But I knew nothing then of getting people to sign a piece of paper forbidding them to speak to anyone else.'
  28. 'He immediately sent back his own colour picture of his son after getting Jonny to sign it first.'
  29. 'The latest scam is to get us to sign a contract agreeing to longer shifts to cover up for staff shortages.'
  30. 'And if you could get him to nip round with a feather duster, I would be most grateful.'
  31. 'No wonder we have such difficulty in getting really good candidates to stand.'
  32. 'Andrew Corrigan got the winner to pull off the surprise result of the season.'
  33. 'They had also never gotten the band to sign releases for their interviews, which took more than three years to conduct.'
  34. 'Hire some of the people involved and get them to bring their audience with them.'
  35. 'I DJ and if anyone buys me a drink I always get a member of staff to bring it over to me.'
  36. 'Is getting a million people to come out and wave symbolic signs at a symbolic march a political act?'
  37. 'he got to try out a few of these nice new cars'
  38. 'Sue had been perfectly outraged that Astrid had gotten to go meet Ian first.'
  39. 'We had to wait some time for the contact we'd come to meet and we got talking to a woman in reception.'
  40. 'I can't remember how our friendship got going, but before we knew it we were thick as thieves.'
  41. 'This is now getting to be fun.'
  42. 'The guys are really trying to get to know each other right now.'
Come, go, or make progress eventually or with some difficulty.
  1. 'he hadn't got very far with the book yet'
  2. 'She has had rheumatoid arthritis for seven months and has difficulty walking and getting about.'
  3. 'They spoke out before leaving late yesterday afternoon as legal moves to evict them got under way.'
  4. 'I still haven't gotten anywhere with the guitar I bought at the beginning of the year… ah well.'
  5. 'Eventually he gets near the beach, and jumps out into water that's just about shallow enough to stand in.'
  6. 'Some kids spent 7-8 hours getting home on the bus.'
  7. 'He got stuck on the Edgware Road, but eventually he got here and did the business.'
  8. 'Power was restored a quarter of an hour later and play eventually got under way at 6.22 pm.'
  9. 'With the Scottish capital's new traffic regulations, a green light is no guarantee of getting anywhere in a hurry.'
  10. 'The boy was hardly going to be able to get anywhere on foot.'
  11. 'Blaine's mom was just getting home from work.'
  12. 'Henry got to his feet'
  13. 'We almost lost the school a few years ago and we do not want to get into that situation again.'
  14. 'And when kids get into trouble, whose fault is it?'
  15. 'The slice slows the ball's speed down giving you the time to get into a better position.'
  16. 'There've been very few good men who've gotten to these positions of power.'
  17. 'And this is something that shouldn't have gotten to this situation.'
  18. 'If you get into financial difficulties or house prices fall, your home may be at risk.'
  19. 'But suppose you just happen to get into a situation where you are dependent upon me?'
  20. 'Women have fought long and hard to get into positions that men hold within the leadership of the church.'
  21. 'He has gotten out of position, a rarity in past years, in an apparent effort to cover for other players or perhaps live up to his contract extension.'
  22. 'Dreams were destroyed when a person decided to get behind the wheel after drinking.'
  23. 'There isn't much room, and you have to wait for everyone to get into position before you hit.'
  24. 'If one parent isn't home to supervise the kids, kids get into trouble.'
  25. 'let's get you home'
  26. 'In just over an hour, however, they succeeded in getting the pontoons into place and began the inflation process.'
  27. 'He'd suddenly start pouring out one idea after another so you couldn't get him away from your desk.'
  28. 'I said hello and took his arm, while his daughter took the other, and we managed to get him to the top of the steps.'
  29. 'They succeeded in getting her about a foot away from the water's edge before all of a sudden they looked up in panic.'
  30. 'Does that mean the government finally succeeded in getting us into the melting pot?'
  31. 'How are we going to get the animals across the river?'
  32. 'It got so I couldn't come back from my trips empty-handed.'
    Catch or apprehend (someone)
    1. 'It wasn't the dog that got him, it was a man, police said.'
    2. 'So it's a double blow for you: first that the bad people have gotten us, and second that I've failed you.'
    3. 'Trudy began to go down the path to the inn when Ed got her by the arm.'
    4. 'you got me in the eye!'
    5. 'I was going to get him in the nose but when he saw my fist coming he moved.'
    6. 'I'll get you for this!'
    7. 'We get our enemies and punish their crimes, but the crimes of our friends go unpunished.'
    8. 'I had thought that she was just out to get me for a few wrong things I had done to her in the past.'
    9. 'Be glad that I'm busy writing at the moment, because if I wasn't, you'd get it!'
    10. 'I'll get mine, you'll get yours, we'll all get wealthy'
    11. '‘Hey,’ they hiss at us now, ‘I got mine, you get yours - adios chump.’'
    12. 'cleaning the same things all the time, that's what gets me'
    13. 'What really gets me is how insipid the parents are.'
    14. 'What is an annuity? No, you got me there.'
    Understand (an argument or the person making it)
    1. 'Perhaps he got what I meant, perhaps he did not.'
    2. 'She had obviously got it this time as she then asked me for my credit card limit.'
    3. 'Gotta love them jokes thrown in there that a good half of the audience has no chance of getting.'
    4. 'I don't think the old guy got it, and pretty soon he was shuffling back up the mountain.'
    Acquire (knowledge) by study; learn.


      An animal's offspring.
        A person whom the speaker dislikes or despises.
        1. 'I can't stand that other smarmy get.'

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