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Relating to genes or heredity.
  1. 'On the other hand, red sea bream had large gene flow and small genetic differentiation.'
  2. 'There is currently no way to screen out all the genetic abnormalities likely to be present in a cloned embryo.'
  3. 'Its evolution is at play here and we are designed to find a partner that increase the genetic strength of the gene pool.'
  4. 'In the course of the study, we decided to include genetic polymorphisms of DNA repair genes.'
  5. 'The variant genes that cause recessive genetic illnesses tend to be very rare.'
  6. 'In this case the child needs both copies of a particular gene to develop the genetic condition.'
  7. 'Dogs having or producing pups which have genetic eye abnormalities should not be bred.'
  8. 'Asthma has a genetic component, but genes alone do not account for the recent increase.'
  9. 'This enables scientists to test DNA in embryos before they are implanted for genetic abnormalities.'
  10. 'Path diagram for a genetic network of nine genes reconstructed from yeast cell cycle data.'
  11. 'there are fears that genetic techniques could be abused'
  12. 'The genetic symbols of the yellow alleles and their origin were described elsewhere.'
  13. 'This one explores genetic science, in particular the ethics of selecting genes for our children.'
  14. 'Well in this genetic research there are ethical questions that arise from it.'
  15. 'There is a report of some recent genetic research at Gene Expression which seems to me to be overinterpreted.'
  16. 'As a first step, a single gene deletion would be advantageous for reverse genetic analysis.'
  17. 'To date, the genetic debate has taken place in the language of the newspaper headline.'
  18. 'It is now cited as the primary source for many basic genetic techniques and approaches.'
  19. 'With the discovery of the gene a simple and accurate genetic test became available.'
  20. 'The role of the bicoid gene was first elucidated by a combination of genetic and physical experiments on the Drosophila embryo.'
  21. 'An astonishing number of biochemical and genetic techniques are available to study chromatin behavior.'
Relating to origin, or arising from a common origin.
  1. 'A genetic relationship between the volcanic units of the Grensen Nose area and tectonics has not been suggested here.'
  2. 'Numerals and verbs are a very important part of identifying the genetic affiliations of a language.'


1. Biology. pertaining or according to genetics.

2. of, relating to, or produced by genes; genic.

3. of, relating to, or influenced by geneses or origins.

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"people can be genetic in origins."

"disorders can be genetic in origins."

"differences can be genetic in origins."

"abnormalities can be genetic in origins."

"engineerings can be genetic."

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Mid 19th century (in genetic (sense 2)): from genesis, on the pattern of pairs such as antithesis, antithetic.