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  1. 'There's no point calling up Dell yet - tech support staff haven't been fully briefed on the machine yet - but here's the gen, as our sources tell us.'
  2. 'The 'Hurricane' described by the idiot who gave us the false 'gen' was, of course, the Hawker Typhoon.'
  3. 'Oliver Mann gives the gen on the coolest new destinations for the switched-on global traveller in 2005'
  4. 'What we really want is the gen on his battle with Mrs T, and in a thriller-esque account of the Westland affair, we get it.'
  5. 'Here's the full gen from the company: "About the size of a grain of rice, each product contains a unique verification number that is captured by briefly passing a proprietary scanner over the chip."'


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  1. 'You should also be punctual and have genned up on the organisation you are being interviewed for.'
  2. 'Obviously, we genned up on the agencies that had done the work.'
  3. 'One minute you're all genned up on the digestion of proteins, then you're writing about the beauty of Mozart's operas.'
  4. 'In preparation for today he has been genning up on repeats.'
  5. 'Not only is it a chance to gen up on language skills, it is a fabulous opportunity to make friends abroad and travel in Europe.'
  6. 'With a good hour to kill each way, it's time to gen up on the world around me.'
  7. 'I was hoping I might get a reply from someone who had used a cheaper one and could gen me up on it.'
  8. 'This gave them the opportunity to gen me up on the band and their inspired brand of music.'
  9. 'Anyway I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at some stage soon although Jon will have to be my mentor and gen me up on this car.'


  1. 'third-gen data protocols'
  2. 'If Mathew's parents were both born here, doesn't that make his grandparents first gen, and him third gen?'
  3. 'I hope both Sony and MS reveal at least some news about the next gen of consoles.'

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1. gender.

2. general.

3. genitive.

4. genus. Gen.

1. Military. General.

2. Genesis.

3. Geneva. -gen

1. a combining form meaning “that which produces,” used in the formation of compound words: endogen; hydrogen.

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"budgets can be gen."

"worlds can be gen."

"earningses can be gen."

"deficits can be gen."

"chairmen can be gen."

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(gen.)Second World War (originally used in the armed services): perhaps from the first syllable of general information.