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A precious or semi-precious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved.
  1. 'Faberge's ingenious use of enamelling on gold and silver, his stone cutting and use of precious gems, made his imperial Easter eggs works of art.'
  2. 'These ornaments are made in silver, and precious and semi-precious gems are used to embellish them.'
  3. 'Now I have absolutely nothing to do with crystals, gems and precious stones whatsoever: my thing is fire magic at new moon.'
  4. 'They reflect and refract the light, giving the depth and luminosity of a precious gem.'
  5. 'Take an extraordinary artistic heritage, the luxury of precious metals and priceless gems and an environment that can make even the most jaded shopper quiver with excitement.'
  6. 'Members were instructed in the various settings of precious stones and gems.'
  7. 'On display are approximately two hundred examples of semiprecious and precious gems, decorative stones, and outstanding pieces of jewelry.'
  8. 'There were also several polished gems and stones, each serving a different purpose, along with many partially burnt candles.'
  9. 'Most of us don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a fancy night or weekend trip, precious gems, or expensive high society gifts to impress our loved one.'
  10. 'The throne sat in the center, a large, cushioned armchair studded with many a precious and semi-precious gem.'
An outstanding person or thing.
  1. 'One of the city's architectural gems is to be restored to glory by a multi-million pound revamp - but some of Manchester's oldest trees will be felled in the process.'
  2. 'But in the midst of this relentless repression, there were rare, precious gems of resistance gleaming out from the melancholy.'
  3. 'It was a tayra, a large, weasel-like mustelid, one of the real gems of New World rainforests.'
  4. 'This gem of a book explores the ways in which animals control and utilize body heat.'
  5. 'His ‘unique’ spoken phrasing has been applied to pop gems before, but this thing's a bit different and more personal.'
  6. 'Each song on the trio's final disc is a pop gem, but they've all been on previous albums.'
  7. 'Beside the architectural and historical gems, there's another side to the town: it is a centre for alternative therapies.'
  8. 'Some are songs that other bands now play, but, in his hands, they emerge as individual gems glimmering in the brilliance of his unique arrangements.'
  9. 'With over 400 miles of ground to cover, you'll have time to stop at all of the special places that make this byway such a gem.'
  10. 'A meeting is being organised to set up a civic trust or society to preserve the city's architectural gems and encourage stunning modern designs.'


Decorate with or as with gems.
  1. 'tiny drops of sweat gemmed his forehead'
  2. 'With this idea he hastened to the florist's and purchased a bouquet that was still gemmed with the morning dew-drops.'
  3. 'With the gemmed undergarments being worth a reputed £10,000, to not show them to anybody would be even more pointless than making them in the first place.'

More definitions

1. a cut and polished precious stone or pearl fine enough for use in jewelry.

2. something likened to or prized as such a stone because of its beauty or worth: His painting was the gem of the collection.

3. a person held in great esteem or affection.

4. muffin (def 1).

5. British Printing. a 4-point type of a size between brilliant and diamond. verb (used with object), gemmed, gemming.

6. to adorn with or as with gems; begem. adjective

7. Jewelry. noting perfection or ve

More examples(as adjective)

"stones can be gem."

"diamonds can be gem."


Old English gim, from Latin gemma ‘bud, jewel’; influenced in Middle English by Old French gemme.