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A castrated animal, especially a male horse.
  1. 'Interestingly, arginine-induced insulin release occurred more consistently in mares than in geldings and stallions.'
  2. 'Equestrian purchases were prominent, and extra horses, especially geldings and palfreys, were obtained and equipped with pommels of gold and silver.'
  3. 'I have two Quarter Horse geldings, one age 22, by his papers, and the other is about the same age, give or take a year or two.'
  4. 'He completed the six furlongs on a good course in 1: 11.23 in the race for colts and geldings.'
  5. 'This class is for mares or geldings, four years old and over, exceeding 158 cm.'
  6. 'A larger space is needed between stallions and other pastures used by geldings and other horses.'
  7. 'Of these, 33 were geldings, 1 was a stallion and the remainder were mares or fillies.'
  8. 'But all thoroughbred geldings are signifiers.'
  9. 'The total number of horses - 2,668 colts, 2,440 fillies, and two geldings - is 219 more than last year's previous record of 4,891.'
  10. 'His horse was one of the geldings he had noticed during his previous inspection of the barn.'

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1. a castrated male animal, especially a horse.

2. a eunuch.

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"courts can be gelding."


Late Middle English: from Old Norse geldingr, from geldr ‘barren’.