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A jelly-like substance, especially one used in cosmetic or medicinal products.
  1. 'I squeezed some shampoo gel onto my hands and rubbed them quickly together, making lather.'
  2. 'The clear gel is a skin prep, shaving gel and aftershave lotion.'
  3. 'Do not use irritating, perfumed soaps, shower gel or deodorants.'
  4. 'But these warnings are not required on shampoo, shower gel or family bubble bath, all of which can legally contain four times as much formaldehyde.'
  5. 'If the mother produced only eggs, and not the additional protective coats or spacing gel, she could produce up to twice as many.'
  6. 'For this reason they are usually mixed with gel or paste products to keep them in contact with the sealer longer.'
  7. 'One particularly effective treatment for comedone acne is available as a cream, gel and lotion.'
  8. 'In recent days, plenty of baby clothes, diaper-rash ointment, teething gel and strollers have arrived, along with a lot of small checks.'
  9. 'I also discovered that my nails will be ruined, as they have glued the extensions directly on to them, rather than onto a layer of gel.'
  10. 'Gently easing her back onto the comfortable bed she pulled up her top and watched as the cold gel was smothered onto her belly.'
A semi-rigid slab or cylinder of an organic polymer used as a medium for the separation of macromolecules.


    (of a liquid or semi-liquid substance) set or become more solid.
    1. 'the mixture gelled at 7 degrees Celsius'
    2. 'The gelatin mixture was allowed to gel at 4°C protected from light.'
    (of a project or idea) take a definite form or begin to work well.
    1. 'Her blue-blonde hair was gelled in its usual pixie look.'
    2. 'His hair had been gelled to perfection, and he looked steaming hot.'
    3. 'He was dressed in an Elvis outfit, and his hair was gelled up.'
    4. 'The light reflected off of his slick, gelled brown hair.'
    5. 'His dirty blonde hair was gelled and styled perfectly.'
    6. 'After my shower I gelled my hair and got dressed.'
    7. 'His dark brown hair was gelled into a messy sort of look.'
    8. 'He had straight, dark hair that was gelled into spikes.'
    9. 'He then turned to the mirror and gelled his hair down smooth.'
    10. 'His blonde hair was gelled and he smelled of cologne.'
    11. 'during the tour they continued to gel as a band'
    Apply gel to (the hair)
    1. 'short gelled hair'
    2. 'His hair was short and gelled, making it stick up in a spiky fashion.'
    3. 'He had dark chocolate brown hair that was gelled so it spiked slightly at the front.'
    4. 'His hair hadn't been gelled today so it was slightly messed up.'
    5. 'He had dark gelled hair and may have been unshaven.'
    6. 'I gel my hair so it looks cool, and I don't shave so I have designer stubble.'
    7. 'His short brown hair was gelled into place, and the grin that took up most of his face looked both genuine and permanent.'
    8. 'His brown hair was gelled off to the side and his round, chubby face was set on his shoulders as though he didn't have a neck.'
    9. 'The shorter man with black hair that was gelled back got impatient.'
    10. 'His short curly auburn hair was gelled to stay in position and he looked at me with huge brown eyes.'
    11. 'I gelled my hair and then put on some rings, a bracelet, necklace, and earrings.'

    Georgian lari(s).

      More definitions

      1. Physical Chemistry. a semirigid colloidal dispersion of a solid with a liquid or gas, as jelly, glue, etc.

      2. Theater. gelatin (def 5).

      3. Biochemistry. a semirigid polymer, as agarose, starch, cellulose acetate, or polyacrylamide, cast into slabs or cylinders for the electrophoretic separation of proteins and nucleic acids. verb (used without object), gelled, gelling.

      4. to form or become a gel.

      5. jell (def 2).

      More examples(as adjective)

      "people can be gel at backs."

      "people can be gel."

      "formulations can be gel."

      "formats can be gel."


      Late 19th century: abbreviation of gelatin. See also jell.