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The set or arrangement of gears in a machine.
  1. 'The engine plant also produces the gearbox and highly complicated gearing components.'
  2. 'The use of a two-speed transmission, special gearing, and belt drive enables the hand to easily open and close.'
  3. 'The low gearing and flat torque curve helps around town; the engine is tractable, and will pull from low road speeds in top gear.'
  4. 'What actually happens is they ‘gear up’ the transmission by not only changing the final gearing in the transmission, but by also changing the size of the rear wheels.'
  5. 'And there will also be other jobs to do from time to time, like changing brake pads, fitting a new chain, changing sprockets to alter your gearing.'
  6. 'The all-mechanical system transfers torque via the friction developed within the internal gearing, and does not require wheel slip to function.'
  7. 'Intelligent gearing, with sixth proving something of an economy gear, even means the fuel consumption isn't too crippling on a long run.'
  8. 'He published the first theoretical treatise on mills, and patented improvements to their gearing and scoop wheels.'
  9. 'The operational settings include the suspension, the gearing, the brakes, and the stabilizers.'
  10. 'And every racetrack requires a little different gearing, so we have to go through the transmissions and change the gearing.'
The ratio of a company's loan capital (debt) to the value of its ordinary shares (equity)
  1. 'Following the most recent harvest, an analyst said it may possibly survive at a gearing of 50%.'
  2. 'That, combined with cash released from a wind-down of working capital in the second half, should see year-end gearing substantially lower.'
  3. 'But the banks which have done well are those with a gearing towards the fixed income [or bonds] market.'
  4. 'The remaining £445m will go to paying off debts, thus reducing gearing to a healthier 33%.'
  5. 'Company gearing, the level of borrowing relative to equity, currently stands at a stretched 120 per cent.'
  6. 'However, thanks to their gearing (which means that they magnify the gains or losses of the underlying security), warrants are particularly risky little beasts.'
  7. 'However the company could do with shedding a few extra pounds of debt, as its gearing is a hefty 310%.'
  8. 'With gearing at year-end of 63 per cent, its acquisitions in 2004 are likely to be bolt-on in nature.'
  9. 'He says cheap borrowing and the regular revenues from rental has helped keep debt gearing well within limits.'
  10. 'So gearing increases your risks but, if you have reason to believe that your investment will generally give you a higher return than the cost of your borrowing, then it can work very well.'

More definitions

1. an assembly of parts, especially a train of gears, for transmitting and modifying motion and torque in a machine.

2. the act or process of equipping with gears.

3. the method of installation of such gears.

More examples(as adjective)

"sales can be gearing."

"levels can be gearing."