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Look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.
  1. 'In fact, I stopped a couple of times, just standing, head raised, gazing at the sky.'
  2. 'People milled around, gazing out to sea and watching the waves lapping at the jetty in silent worship.'
  3. 'He was gazing at me through squinting grey eyes, rather than deep brown orbs.'
  4. 'I took my chair to the open corridor and sat there with my book, gazing at the sunset.'
  5. 'I sat for a fairly long while, gazing out of the window, got bored with that, and went to pull out a few books of poetry.'
  6. 'We try to ignore it while gazing at the sky, talking of loves lost and spotting slowly gliding aeroplanes.'
  7. 'He gazed steadily at her with a calm and regal expression, his eyes shining softly.'
  8. 'Strangely, all the people standing around me on Tuesday were gazing in wonder.'
  9. 'Her eyes were still open and sad, and I thought they were gazing at me from far away.'
  10. 'We stood there gazing at it, and agreed that it was very beautiful indeed.'


A steady intent look.
  1. 'offices screened from the public gaze'
  2. 'I raised my eyebrows at him but he met me with a steady, unperturbed gaze.'
  3. 'However this trade still continues away from the public gaze or under another name.'
  4. 'Their eyes met for a long moment, both gazes calm and steady.'
  5. 'Blinded by the sight I tried hard not to stare and fixed my gaze on something out of the window.'
  6. 'The same eyes were looking at me, almost burning me with their intent gaze.'
  7. 'The gaze is steady and there is both a reserve and a frank regard in her eyes.'
  8. 'He just looked at our teacher for a moment, and then held a steady gaze out the window.'
  9. 'When it is forced into the public gaze, we react in a way that shames us.'
  10. 'Lately, her steady deep-grey gaze has been held by a new bird feeder in her garden.'
  11. 'The young man followed my gaze then looked at me for a minute as if trying to make up his mind.'
  12. 'Being a straight man in gay circles taught him something about what it feels like to be on the other end of the male gaze.'
  13. 'There seems to be a female gaze that is pretty much like the male gaze, if you ask me.'
  14. 'They do not avert their eye coyly or present a subordinate sex symbol image that invites the male gaze.'

More definitions

1. to look steadily and intently, as with great curiosity, interest, pleasure, or wonder. noun

2. a steady or intent look.

3. at gaze, Heraldry. (of a deer or deerlike animal) represented as seen from the side with the head looking toward the spectator: a stag at gaze.

More examples(as adjective)

"skywardses can be gazing."


(gaze)Late Middle English: perhaps related to obsolete gaw (see gawk).