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Stare openly and stupidly.
  1. 'It was a bright, sunny day but very cold, too cold to hang about gawking at the scenery between shops.'
  2. 'She gawked unabashedly at the passing scenery, then stared wide-eyed as the car came to a halt in the shadow of the huge home.'
  3. 'All of the guys stared and gawked at the new girl's body figure and style.'
  4. 'The door opened and a sailor stepped inside, openly gawking at our still wet clothes.'
  5. 'I gaped (or gawked or gushed, whatever way you wish to call it) when Eric appeared again.'
  6. 'When we finally dragged the hulking thing home, all we could do was saw it in half and just stand in awe, gawking at the horror within.'
  7. 'Only now, gawking at snow-coated cars, did it finally sink in that I was in Scotland.'
  8. 'The last thing any child would need to fear would be rows of people gawking down from the church gallery.'
  9. 'As the minutes ticked by, the number of students standing on the banks gawking at the spectacle increased steadily.'
  10. 'People gawked and stared, and he stared back with a grin beaming from ear to ear.'


An awkward or shy person.
  1. 'It's nice to think there was a time when I was small and cute and didn't list disturbingly between being a lanky gawk and an oafish lump.'

More definitions

1. to stare stupidly; gape: The onlookers gawked at arriving celebrities. noun

2. an awkward, foolish person.

More examples(as adjective)

"villagers can be gawking."


(gawk)Late 17th century (as a noun): perhaps related to obsolete gaw ‘to gaze’, from Old Norse gá ‘heed’.