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Come together; assemble or accumulate.
  1. 'The grocery shop was next door to the sweet shop and when I got there I saw a crowd of children gathered around a television camera and some photographers.'
  2. 'Large crowds have gathered around him, and he begins to teach them.'
  3. 'Philip's statement brought a ripple of laughter from the crowd of assembled contestants gathered around the archery range.'
  4. 'As we stood there conversing in this manner, a crowd gathered around to listen.'
  5. 'Nearby, anxious crowds gathered around lists of injured posted on the walls of the hospital buildings.'
  6. 'Mike looked around at the assemblage gathered around him.'
  7. 'And again, she told herself that as she entered the party and viewed the crowd of fans gathered around him.'
  8. 'Many in a strong crowd, who had gathered around the screens, were heard to remark it was all about politics rather than singing and the song.'
  9. 'It seems that a crowd of them had gathered around the quarrelling demonstrators, while the British cops attempted to keep the two sides apart.'
  10. 'A big crowd gathered around the freshly painted Red Cross Centre to join in the celebrations of the new facilities to the region.'
Bring together and take in from scattered places or sources.
  1. 'Student editors spend an enormous amount of time gathering every source cited by the author, then checking each one to make sure it supports what the author is saying.'
  2. 'Nevertheless here, and in the Source book, material previously scattered in archives is gathered together and ordered.'
  3. 'All information contained herein is gathered from sources we believe to be reliable.'
  4. 'Stars are not scattered randomly through space, they are gathered together into vast groups known as galaxies.'
  5. 'We've gathered information from many sources and organized it to provide complete yet understandable information on decisions you now face.'
  6. 'A compiled fist is data gathered from third-party public sources, such as government records, newspapers and directories.'
  7. 'Journalists will protect their confidential sources and will try to gather information with honest and legal means and will not conceal their occupation.'
  8. 'He scoured medical textbooks and science web sites to gather information on the sources of many human illnesses.'
  9. 'He gathers information from a variety of sources such as newspapers, trade journals, and books on the latest topics and trends.'
  10. 'I gathered the information from books and other sources and created the pages.'
  11. 'I gathered up the prescription and went to the door'
  12. 'All scraps and sawdust should be gathered up and disposed of properly off-site.'
  13. 'He gathered up the cards, shuffled them, and re-dealt.'
  14. 'She gathered up her things and hurried after him.'
  15. 'He gathered the paper scattered across the desk into a pile, and added it to the heap on the floor, frowning deeply.'
  16. 'My grandmother was not sure who might have gathered up the poet's clothes.'
  17. 'I gathered my things, brought them out, put them in my notebook, and put it in the filing cabinet.'
  18. 'Instead, Maya's world continued to crumble as she bent down to gather the hay scattered around, refusing to look at the couple now.'
  19. 'We gathered the cat back up and walked back to its apartment.'
  20. 'He snapped a few pictures, gathered up the pipes, and returned home.'
  21. 'He gathered up some snow, creating a small hill.'
  22. 'I had to gather it up and wash and bleach it to get the muddy paw prints out of the sheets.'
  23. 'the harvest of wheat and barley had been gathered in'
  24. 'August to November heralds another period of fair weather, when the harvest is gathered in.'
  25. 'the Bushmen live by hunting and gathering'
  26. 'Life inside the reserve is harsh, as the Bushmen are banned from hunting, gathering and collecting firewood.'
  27. 'Following a difficult voyage, the sailors enjoyed some months on Tahiti gathering and cultivating breadfruit plants.'
  28. 'After collecting several branches of large red berries, he gathered as many wedge fruit as he could carry from the nearby tree and walked back to their spot on the grass.'
  29. 'Sixteen Irish people would be brought to an uninhabited island in the South Pacific and left there to survive on the food they could gather or kill for themselves.'
  30. 'Women performed extensive plant gathering, including a wide variety of roots, berries, and seeds.'
  31. 'Expect to see more extreme food gathering from these boys in future episodes.'
  32. 'It has changed from necessary food gathering to commercial harvest by way of eel traps.'
  33. 'In some areas of low population density hunting of wild pigs predominates, along with food gathering, hunting and collection of wild plants and animals.'
  34. 'I even threw some tortilla chips on the ground, and the jays gathered up the chips as rapidly as they did the peanuts.'
  35. 'Based on situational requirements these handguns can be used for food gathering, and in some instances, defense against dangerous wild animals.'
  36. 'She reached out for him, with both hands outstretched, and he responded by standing, and gently pulling her to her feet, and gathering her into his arms.'
  37. 'The two embrace and gather the child between them.'
  38. 'I gathered up my little ones with just the clothes we were wearing and left for good, not looking back and not knowing our destiny.'
  39. 'He smiled at her and then gathered her into an embrace holding her tightly with his muscular arms.'
Increase in (speed, force, etc.)
  1. 'As we gathered speed out of Mazatlan, the empty window frames offered a cooling breeze through the stuffy carriage, and I started to take stock of the characters travelling around us.'
  2. 'The whirlwind romance took a little time to gather speed - just a quarter of a century.'
  3. 'The inter-county hurling and football championships have been gathering pace this past few weeks.'
  4. 'As this change gathers pace, many clubs - a legacy of the city's proud working-class past - are in trouble.'
  5. 'The prog rock revival gathered pace last year when they toured Europe, South America and South East Asia.'
  6. 'Manchester has pledged to blast away the menace of graffiti ‘once and for all’ as its 100-day clean-up gathers pace.'
  7. 'When bad times hit, they lose faith, and, instead of giving a new product time to gather speed, they force it into a seemingly more certain, established market.'
  8. 'Developments off O'Connell Street are also gathering pace.'
  9. 'By the mid-1990s, a new strategy began to gather force.'
  10. 'Then it gathered speed and fell with an enormous crash.'
  11. 'It appeared to gather speed and then veered off to her right and out of her view.'
  12. 'The quest to find one of Croydon's best known independent stores a new home gathered pace this week.'
  13. 'The first section can be a bit slow and plodding but once the book gathers steam the second and third sections shine like well burnished steel rails.'
  14. 'The club directly above them is gathering a worrying degree of momentum.'
  15. 'Marie gets out her map as the train gathers speed toward Elephant and Castle.'
  16. 'The battle to secure a household recycling centre for Westbury gathered pace this week as senior councillors were urged to back the plan.'
  17. 'It couldn't come at a better time for us, as our improvement programme gathers pace.'
  18. 'Until our campaign gathers speed - and we'd imagine we're in for a pretty long wait - we have an archery game for you to play today.'
  19. 'There were lots of reasons which gathered speed over the years but I still love him.'
  20. 'After a somewhat awkward first 15 min, the film gathers its pace and form, touching greatness on many levels, not least the performances and camera use.'
  21. 'After pitching the ball gathered tremendous pace.'
Infer; understand.
  1. 'The director, one gathers, wants a Paris Commune purified of all its difficult and perhaps unpleasant associations, a kind of utopian model to hold out to today's radical protesters.'
  2. 'You will have gathered by now that it would be an understatement to say he is no admirer of his subject.'
Summon up (a mental or physical attribute) for a purpose.
  1. 'he gathered himself for a tremendous leap'
  2. 'He blinked a few times before he gathered himself.'
  3. 'She could hear then breathing and gathering their courage.'
  4. 'He stared for a moment, gathered himself mentally, and bowed his head.'
  5. 'He gathered himself up and tried to perform first aid.'
  6. 'But they gathered themselves and came good at the last.'
  7. 'That was when she gathered her senses and noticed the mosaic floor beneath her.'
  8. 'Still, after a certain number of blows, I managed to gather myself to the degree that I knew what to do, which was to run.'
  9. 'John gathered himself up, trying to look important.'
  10. 'She gathered herself up and took a good look around.'
  11. 'When they've gathered themselves within striking range, we're dead.'
  12. 'No sooner had I closed my notebook on it pending a future revision and expansion than the wind slewed round, gathered breath, and commenced to blow.'
  13. 'She paused a moment to gather breath as she felt dizzy from using her powers.'
  14. 'She paused for a moment, as if gathering her breath for another onslaught of rapid-fire questions.'
  15. 'Look, gather your breath and have a good rest and keep your chin up because the Court of Criminal Appeal have really done you proud.'
  16. 'She took a few moments to gather enough breath to get anything audible out.'
  17. 'We'll take a bit of a break to gather our breath and then decide exactly when we should go to market.'
  18. 'He gathered his breath, thought about patting the vacant place next to him as an invitation for Rosa to sit, and tried to smile.'
  19. 'I try to imagine this, taking the opportunity to gather my breath before returning to the fray.'
Draw and hold together (fabric or a part of a garment) by running thread through it.
  1. 'The cami tied around my neck and scooped in the back, with some ruffly parts down the middle of the back (not overblown ruffles, just gathered fabric).'
  2. 'Jersey and stretch linen are gathered faintly reminiscent of ancient Greece, yet wrapped around the body in hourglass silhouettes.'
  3. 'The fabric is gathered at the waist with a belt which is tied at the side.'
  4. 'Pull the basting bobbin threads to gather the skirt.'


A part of a garment that is gathered.
  1. 'Buy a runner that is approximately 1 1/2 times the width of your window; the extra width will allow for soft, gentle gathers.'
  2. 'Pear shaped women tend to have bigger bottoms so choose garments that have easing at the waistline with soft pleats and gathers.'
  3. 'In their Seam Displacement series, by applying an extraordinary cutting and tailoring technique, students were able to displace seams, pleats and gathers for a new look.'
  4. 'For evening, the collection is a procession of gathers, plunging necklines and backs, irregular lines.'
  5. 'The prismatic oil-stick scrawls are applied in intricate gathers, loose skeins and impenetrable tangles.'
  6. 'This full-length jersey has a double shoulder/yoke with full-cut sleeves and underarm gusset, plus elastic ribbed gathers on edges of sleeves.'

More definitions

1. to bring together into one group, collection, or place: to gather firewood; to gather the troops.

2. to bring together or assemble from various places, sources, or people; collect gradually: The college is gathering a faculty from all over the country.

3. to serve as a center of attention for; attract: A good football game always gathers a crowd.

4. to pick or harvest (any crop or natural yield) from its place of growth or formation: to gather fruit; to ga

More examples(as adjective)

"remarks can be gathered around unions."

"meetings can be gathered at outsides."

"paces can be gathered."

"momentums can be gathered."

"forces can be gathered."

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(gather)Old English gaderian, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch gaderen, also to together.


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