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Having gates to control the movement of traffic, people, or animals.
  1. 'The entrance to the tunnel was gated off six years ago because of vandalism but the gate itself was subsequently vandalised and had to be replaced in 2001.'
  2. 'The roads and pavements of these cul-de-sacs are quasi-private places, gated communities without gates.'
  3. 'Leave the Pennine Way at the road and turn right, following the road downhill for about half a mile until a gated track is reached on the right.'
  4. 'Turn right then left along the adjoining gated path to reach the B road again.'
  5. 'Whilst gated communities may indeed be more integrated within, gates can act as barriers to social interaction between communities.'
  6. 'The streets of New York are full of people from all walks, races, creeds, colors; they are the antithesis of a gated sprawling suburban development.'
  7. 'Lately, the gated property has become a free-for-all, with animals and children hanging out on the site.'
  8. 'A dimension where everyone lives in climate controlled gated estates and they don't like lost midwestern lunatics.'
  9. 'Expect to pay maintenance fees, which include care of the lawns, grounds, pools, pest control and gate attendant if the property is in a gated community.'
  10. 'We're living in an era of gated apartment blocks and lots of rental accommodation.'
  11. 'a gated community'
  12. 'Having moved to a fashionable "gated community" they invite their old neighbors to dinner.'
Denoting a channel or pathway through a system that can be opened and closed depending on set conditions.
  1. 'Voltage gated potassium channels open and inactivate in response to changes of the voltage across the membrane.'
  2. 'The Chilean common brown tarantula has provided the source for a novel painkiller, a new way to block cardiac arrhythmias, and insights into how ion channels are gated.'


1. (of patterns in a foundry mold) linked by gates.

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"roads can be gated."

"villages can be gated."

"communities can be gated."

"channels can be gated."

"tracks can be gated."

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