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plural noun

A place where gas is manufactured and processed.
  1. 'The original village of Beckton was named after Simon Adams Beck, the man responsible for building the local gasworks in 1870.'
  2. 'It was later marketed by the authority in conjunction with the gasworks site, currently being developed for housing and a new hotel, but there were no takers.'
  3. 'Over Monk Bridge, which was widened in the 1900s, we pass the site of the enlarged gasworks, long since demolished.'
  4. 'From multi-million pound villas to rundown council estates, from gasworks to hi-tech offices, from mosques to markets and from antelopes to ducks - all London life is here.'
  5. 'The long-term effects of human exposure to chemicals in the sediments, believed to be a legacy of the gasworks and to include petrochemicals, are unknown.'
  6. 'It has always been a fantastic location, overlooking an incredibly green stretch of the Thames, but with the old gasworks and industrial sites that were once here, it never used to be anyone's first choice.'
  7. 'Three large mill buildings stand in a U shape around a courtyard which contains the earliest extant gasworks chimney in Scotland.'
  8. 'Above the bridge are tanneries, bonemills and gasworks, from which all drains and refuse find their way into the Irk, which receives further the contents of all the neighbouring sewers and privies.'
  9. 'The normal explanations for the Bonnybridge sightings are the proximity of Edinburgh airport and the gasworks at nearby Grangemouth.'
  10. 'It's built on the same gasworks site as the Millennium Dome was, which needed heavy decontamination works before construction began in 2000, and the first residents moved in about two years ago.'

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1. a plant where heating and illuminating gas is manufactured and piped to homes and buildings.

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"operations can be gasworks."