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Resembling or full of gas.
  1. 'All the other solar systems that have been found have big, gassy planets circling too close to their stars to allow them to be anything like Earth or its fellow planets, the British and US-based researchers said on Wednesday.'
  2. 'On rocky planets, all the necessary chemicals for life can collect in one place, rather than floating freely through a gassy atmosphere.'
  3. 'The British-born chartered accountant spotted a niche in the market for a less gassy premium lager particularly suitable for drinking with Asian food.'
  4. 'It contains a food enzyme from a natural source that works with your body's digestion to break down the complex sugars in gassy foods making them more digestible.'
  5. 'To the dismay of the already frazzled travellers, the aircraft was diverted to Gatwick after reports on board of a gassy odour.'
  6. 'Their cider apple flavoured pop was even more dull, heavy, gassy and unpleasant than real cider.'
  7. 'This should be accompanied by a pint of gassy lager.'
  8. 'The gassy giant, Jupiter, can be seen shining high in the constellation of Leo.'
  9. 'After two or three strips, even these strains get the heave, expiring with, at best, a gassy sputter.'
  10. 'These are the off-flavours that make wines taste sweaty, eggy, gassy or vinegary, the nasties that give you a bad head in the morning, and the carcinogens that get you in the long run.'
  11. 'Most recipes direct you to skim the foam from the pot, but this is mainly for aesthetic reasons; the foam isn't harmful and, contrary to some opinions, won't make you gassy.'
  12. 'A greasy, gassy but much happier little fellow has resulted.'
  13. 'So all I really got from it was that I have a really gassy baby, which I knew.'
  14. 'These changes can also lead to indigestion, which can make you feel very full, bloated or gassy.'
  15. 'Yesterday we even drove all they way up to take the ferry to Mackinac Island, where we took a carriage ride on the world's most gassy horse.'
  16. 'If soy or other legumes make you gassy and give you cramps find something else, don't pop digestive aids like candy.'
  17. 'Around 8: 00 or so I felt really bloated and gassy - it felt like my intestines were in knots.'
  18. 'At the same time, I was getting that gassy feeling again.'
(of a person or language) inclined to be verbose.
  1. 'The paragraph is remarkable for its gassy banality, but let us just marvel at the folly of that last line.'
  2. 'He does that by making fun of ‘the jargon, the mush, the smog, the dull pompous, boneless, gassy language’ that afflicts the world today.'
  3. 'And she was devout in a way that indicated that the religion was based in a great many particulars, not some gassy generality about being kind to plants and believing in clean water.'


1. full of or containing gas.

2. resembling gas.

3. flatulent.

4. Slang. given to idle, empty talk.

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"planets can be gassy."

"tails can be gassy."

"growings can be gassy."

"protostars can be gassy."

"lagerses can be gassy."

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