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A third party who is instructed by way of legal notice to surrender money to settle a debt or claim.
  1. 'The festival's program manager said Tuesday that the situation was currently under negotiation, but was hopeful that the garnishee would not affect the smooth operation of the rest of this year's festival.'
  2. 'The housing bureau has taken 600 tenants to the Quebec rental board for rent arrears and, in many cases, is now using garnishees to recover unpaid rent from income assistance and wages.'
  3. 'His order required the judgment creditor and judgment debtor to give notice to the garnishee of any further relief sought, and specified that such relief should be sought by way of motion.'


  1. 'Starting in August 2001, any extra monies received from the federal government are being garnisheed by the Alberta government if you receive Supports for Independence.'
  2. 'After the court settlement, my wages are now being garnisheed through 2007, and I still didn't get to test-drive the car.'

More definitions

1. to attach (money or property) by garnishment.

2. to serve (a person) with a garnishment. noun

3. a person served with a garnishment.

More examples(as adjective)

"orders can be garnishee."