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Decorate or embellish (something, especially food)
  1. 'The wealthy would garnish their cakes with meat, such as pork and beef.'
  2. 'In the pastry kitchen, I carefully brushed at least a thousand leaves and flower petals with egg white and rolled them in sugar to garnish various dessert plates.'
  3. 'Thick bracelets of sweet-and-sour sautéed Spanish onion garnish the meat.'
  4. 'A sunburst of bananas is garnished with marigolds.'
  5. 'Top zesty dishes with a few tablespoons of minced fresh parsley or garnish dessert with a few sprigs of fresh mint.'
  6. 'If you think it might be a while before you start garnishing your food with seaweed or extra salt, supplements may be the answer.'
  7. 'Both sandwiches were delicately garnished with tomato, cucumber, onion and leaves and at £1.50 were excellent value.'
  8. 'Even younger are garlic shoots, which can be used similarly to chives or spring onions for garnishing salads or adding to stir-fries.'
  9. 'In England we would skip the paprika and garnish the sandwich with ‘mustard and cress’ which is impossible to buy in America.'
  10. 'Every dish was garnished with sweet roasted tomatoes.'
Serve notice on (a third party) for the purpose of legally seizing money belonging to a debtor or defendant.
  1. 'As you read from my title I am being garnished.'
  2. 'It may also be true, as he submitted, that there is no reported case where this discretion has been exercised so as to garnish a debt which is only recoverable outside the jurisdiction.'
  3. 'McDermott had been upset about an Internal Revenue Service request to garnish his wages for back taxes.'
  4. 'Alas, when his connection retired, replaced by an ANC hardliner, she got the sack, and the government garnished his salary to pay back the treasury.'


A small amount of food used to decorate other food.
  1. mass noun 'some flowers are edible and make attractive salad garnish'
  2. 'They are used mainly in the cooking of C. and N. Europe, and are at their best in mild, creamy sauces and egg dishes, or as a garnish for soups and salads.'
  3. 'If you have the willpower not to eat the gribnes all at once, you can store it in a jar, and use it as a garnish for soups, potatoes, or any other food that might benefit from savoury crispness.'
  4. 'Different types of green herbs, including coriander, parsley, dill, and spring onions, are served during meals both as a garnish and as salad.'
  5. 'Servers give patrons a 16-oz. glass filled with ice, a shot of vodka and a celery stick garnish which they then take to the Bloody Mary bar to embellish.'
  6. 'In a pinch, you can use the curly parsley, but otherwise, save it for garnish.'
  7. 'Peel the onion for the garnish and cut into paper-thin slices, separate the rings and set in a small bowl of iced water, cover and refrigerate.'
  8. 'The addition of even a small amount of fresh lime juice, ground cumin and a fresh cilantro garnish give it a West Indian flavor.'
  9. 'The Bloody Mary has been called a meal in a glass, and like few other mixed drinks, its main ingredients - tomato juice, one or more vegetable garnishes - are foods, which rarely mix with other concoctions.'
  10. 'Martini glasses with the red-sugared rims and lime wheel garnish.'
  11. 'Unwrap and remove the centers of the onions, cut in half and reserve for garnish.'
  12. 'Ann had a jacket potato and baked beans with a salad garnish and coleslaw.'
  13. 'Sprinkle with nutmeg, cinnamon, or raisins for garnish.'
  14. 'Sprigs of herbs make attractive garnishes for food platters (edible flower garnishes are perfect for dessert trays).'
  15. 'However, if you enjoy the taste of herbs as a garnish to your food, why not enjoy their refreshing and health-giving properties in refreshing summer drinks.'
  16. '‘I'm here for American Splendor,’ he said pleasantly, with the requisite ironic garnish.'
  17. 'Add lightly cooked peas at the end and top with some fried crispy browned onions for a classic garnish.'
  18. 'The two recipes I selected were Honey Saffron Ice Cream and Honey Spice Cake, with a honey-citrus drizzle of my own creation, and mint garnish.'
  19. 'First, he cuts off the top of the cone, usually featuring a hard-boiled egg and some chilies in a type of garnish, and places it on a serving plate.'
  20. 'You can go to a restaurant and pay top dollar, but all you will get is top-dollar street food: tacos with garnishes; quesadillas adorned with sprigs of parsley.'
  21. 'The first series were full of elaborate, post-nouvelle cuisine dishes - black hexagonal plates, kiwi fruit garnishes, elaborate vegetable combinations, home-made biscuits and endless other little fiddly bits.'

More definitions

1. to provide or supply with something ornamental; adorn; decorate.

2. to provide (a food) with something that adds flavor, decorative color, etc.: to garnish boiled potatoes with chopped parsley.

3. Law. to attach (as money due or property belonging to a debtor) by garnishment; garnishee: The court garnished his wages when he refused to pay child support. to summon in, so as to take part in litigation already pending between others. noun

4. something place

More examples(as adjective)

"wickets can be garnished."

"vegetables can be garnished."

"gherkinses can be garnished."

"cities can be garnished."


(garnish)Middle English (in the sense ‘equip, arm’): from Old French garnir, probably of Germanic origin and related to warn. garnish (sense 1 of the verb) dates from the late 17th century.