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Reproduce (a message, sound, or transmission) in a confused and distorted way.
  1. 'You try to talk to a fellow shopper, but your words sound garbled, and others seem confused by your speech.'
  2. 'On windy days, the smoke was wafted so that signals became garbled and confusing.'
  3. 'The result will be calls where your voice will be broken up and garbled.'
  4. 'If this was the case, it is strange that the message was so garbled - no clear understanding of BT's thinking emerged until after the first reports of a boardroom bust-up.'
  5. 'His voice sounds somewhat garbled in those recordings.'
  6. 'Often the message becomes garbled as it filters through several languages.'
  7. 'You implant a patient, and initially all they hear is garbled noise, and in six months they can carry on a conversation on the telephone.'
  8. 'Once again the mixed message is more garbled than ever: it's okay to be independent, but beware of those you think you trust.'
  9. 'The funny bit is that the spam protection they are offering is just a bit of JavaScript that garbles email addresses so they cannot be harvested.'
  10. 'The message was somewhat garbled, and the three men in question were still 24 hours from Tulsa, but the threat was taken seriously by the FBI, who called in the local police.'


A garbled account or transmission.
  1. mass noun 'upon winning a race a driver spews out a litany of commercial garble'
  2. 'While the musical numbers do sound great, there are periods where the vocals could have been cleaned up to eliminate moments of muted garble.'
  3. 'It may have been Shakespeare fatigue, but the scene between Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet, played as a strung-out Eastender with Blade Runner hair, was for significant periods pure garble, to be endured rather than enjoyed.'
  4. 'Started in Portland in 1999, their self-titled debut was incapable of prodding you into these visions, these half-lucid garbles of thought and imagination.'
  5. 'Repeated attempts to contact the Sol System have been met only with static and nonsensical garbles.'
  6. 'Why I was rambling a spew of unintelligible garble, I had not a clue.'
  7. 'The about section of her web site is full of fanciful garble about her consulting work.'
  8. 'DataCore, to be sure, doles out the same virtualization garble as every other vendor, promising a management heaven full of automation and abstracted disk.'

More definitions

1. to confuse unintentionally or ignorantly; jumble: to garble instructions.

2. to make unfair or misleading selections from or arrangement of (fact, statements, writings, etc.); distort: to garble a quotation.

3. Archaic. to take out the best of. noun

4. the act or process of garbling.

5. an instance of garbling; a garbled phrase, literary passage, etc.

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"messages can be garbled."

"versions can be garbled."

"words can be garbled."

"stories can be garbled."

"reports can be garbled."

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(garble)Late Middle English (in the sense ‘sift out, cleanse’): from Anglo-Latin and Italian garbellare, from Arabic ġarbala ‘sift’, perhaps from late Latin cribellare ‘to sieve’, from Latin cribrum ‘sieve’.