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Rubbish or waste, especially domestic refuse.
  1. as modifier 'a garbage dump'
  2. 'For now, there's dinner to be cooked, bedtime stories to be read, the garbage to be taken out.'
  3. 'Eliminate sources of food, such as garbage or outdoor pet food dishes that attract stray cats.'
  4. 'Natalie tried to fish the bracelet out of the garbage and put it back together.'
  5. 'Much of this increase has been attributed to the availability of garbage and fish waste.'
  6. 'Jessica just watched him from the street as he sifted through the garbage.'
  7. 'They dump garbage on the streets much the way one would expect of primitive people.'
  8. 'With their keen sense of smell, bears can detect miniscule amounts of leftover food or garbage.'
  9. 'With the exploding populace of the cities and its suburbs, household garbage and refuse is posing a serious threat.'
  10. 'The workers have not been paid for 94 weeks and are refusing to remove the garbage until they receive full payment.'
  11. 'Household garbage is one of the most common sources of things that can make a puppy sick.'
  12. 'The Government must impose fine on those who dump garbage in public places.'
  13. 'His argument was that the Corporation had no right to dump the urban garbage in the rural areas.'
  14. 'Dad would bring a bag of kitchen garbage on every trip south to Toronto.'
  15. 'Tons of garbage dumped into the sea off Borneo regularly washes up, littering the beach with bottles, cans and plastic bags.'
  16. 'The obvious solution of this problem is to decentralise the process of collection of household garbage.'
  17. 'Their food consists of garbage, poisoned rodents and even antifreeze.'
  18. 'Gone are the days when a resident could quietly dump a bag of garbage by the roadside and proceed on his morning walk.'
  19. 'These people have never complied with a single edict about the proper disposal of household garbage.'
  20. 'For example, most customers don't know that these big boats dump raw sewage and garbage at sea.'
  21. 'The streets are littered with garbage and lined with open sewers.'
  22. 'The moral of the story: don't take that garbage on Amazon's message boards seriously in the first place.'
  23. 'Don't you see, it's the likes of you and your ilk, who keep writing this unfounded garbage, that keep the fires stoked.'
  24. 'I figured this idea was garbage, and that he was too much of an egomaniac to base his movies on anyone else's work but his.'
  25. 'What will double is all the garbage we store on our computers, which is to say not much of real value.'
  26. 'Transcoding from one algorithm to another may simply produce garbage.'

More definitions

1. discarded animal and vegetable matter, as from a kitchen; refuse.

2. any matter that is no longer wanted or needed; trash.

3. anything that is contemptibly worthless, inferior, or vile: There's nothing but garbage on TV tonight.

4. worthless talk; lies; foolishness.

5. Slang. any unnecessary item added to something else, as for appearance only; garnish: I'll have an Old Fashioned, but without the garbage.

6. useless artificial satellites or parts of rockets floating in space,

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"bins can be garbage."


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘offal’): from Anglo-Norman French, of unknown ultimate origin.


garbage in, garbage out