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A bridge-like overhead structure with a platform supporting equipment such as a crane, signals, or cameras.
  1. as modifier 'a gantry crane'
  2. 'Miniature traffic lights on the overhead gantry turn from red to green and drivers simply drop their clutches and bury their accelerator pedals.'
  3. 'I have looked carefully at what is now proposed, which is generally a matter of relatively small traffic signs and modest cameras, rather than gantries such as some have supposed.'
  4. 'Calatrava's tower seems the more absurd because it is to be close to the mighty gantry crane of the defunct Kockums shipyard.'
  5. 'After all three were seen on the lines and sitting on the rails, two climbed a signal gantry and interfered with the equipment.'
  6. 'Unfamiliar objects, camera gantries, floodlights and trails of wire stimulated considerable interest among the population of boarding students staying at the school.'
  7. 'Do you know how much business you can lose without a gantry crane?'
  8. 'Then he was suspended upside down from an overhead gantry for some minutes.'
  9. 'Roadside gantries and enforcement equipment take up valuable road space and they could be difficult to install in a city with high urban density.'
  10. 'One psychic described an airfield with a gantry and crane at a set of coordinates that placed it at the Soviet nuclear test site at Semipalatinsk.'
  11. 'This fixed-reactive component has an overhead gantry to which a frame is attached, and ride motions are fed through the axles and into the frame.'
  12. 'It will also be integrated and assembled in the mobile gantry on the launch pad and not in a final assembly building.'
  13. 'Surface wind at the time of the rollback of the gantry surrounding the Boeing Delta II launch vehicle was as high as 36 knots.'
(in a bar) a structure containing inverted bottles and fitted with optics for serving measures.

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    1. a framework spanning a railroad track or tracks for displaying signals.

    2. any of various spanning frameworks, as a bridgelike portion of certain cranes.

    3. Rocketry. a frame consisting of scaffolds on various levels used to erect vertically launched rockets and spacecraft.

    4. a framelike stand for supporting a barrel or cask.

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    "crane can be gantry."

    "berths can be gantry."

    "troubles can be gantry."

    "rentals can be gantry."


    Late Middle English (denoting a wooden stand for barrels): probably from dialect gawn (contraction of gallon) + tree.