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  1. 'Whirling back a decade ago, he was the shy, gangly teenager, who used to shed tears at training sessions because he was homesick.'
  2. 'He stood just an inch or two above the other boys his age and was by no means skinny or gangly.'
  3. 'She pulled him behind a large tree and peered out, just in time to see three gangly looking teenagers walk past, talking loudly.'
  4. 'His skin was also naturally tan like his father's and he seemed to be all lean, gangly limbs.'
  5. 'I even pulled some low-key gangly whiteboy moves out of the repertoire for good measure.'
  6. 'I put my arm through his, and waved too, and they laughed at the sight of two gangly teenagers travelling in a trolley.'
  7. 'The door creaked open slowly, and a tall, gangly boy with a madly bobbing Adam's apple made his way into the room.'
  8. 'There's a reason Mitchell, a skinny, gangly sophomore, looked like him.'
  9. 'By her own admission, she was a gangly, gawky youngster who hated school and struggled to do well academically.'
  10. 'She's this gangly Asian lady who cracks lots of jokes which are actually funny.'


1. gangling.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be gangly."

"arms can be gangly."

"youths can be gangly."

"teenagers can be gangly."

"singers can be gangly."

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