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An organized group of criminals.
  1. as modifier 'gang warfare'
  2. 'Criminal gangs use the information you enter to empty your bank account or spend on your credit card.'
  3. 'After becoming an expert pickpocket he organizes a gang of thieves, whose goods he receives and sells at huge profit to himself.'
  4. 'Credit and debit card fraud has increased by 53% during the past two years, with organised criminal gangs being blamed for the rise.'
  5. 'The documents contained sensitive information on informants, north west criminal gangs and even bank accounts detailing payments for information.'
  6. 'The more established parts of organised criminal gangs seek to make investments in the ‘legitimate’ economy, by buying companies or real estate.'
  7. 'That is why Labour is going to introduce ID cards to boost our efforts in tackling the organised criminal gangs who traffic illegal immigrants, drugs and money into our communities.'
  8. 'We have been very weak in how we deal with gangs and criminal organisations in this country.'
  9. 'Organised criminal gangs, using highly sophisticated techniques, are often behind them.'
  10. 'They are often suspected of being criminals from organized gangs.'
  11. 'In its most dangerous form, it can include the organized activities of predator gangs, criminal groups, and drug trafficking networks.'
  12. 'a street gang'
  13. 'A 15-year-old girl was hit in the face with a metal bar in an attack involving a gang of eight youths in Worcester Park.'
  14. 'One resident, who did not want to be named, said that in recent weeks his car had been attacked and damaged by gangs of youths and windows on his street had been smashed.'
  15. 'Volunteer pensioners are reviewing security after coming under attack from gangs of youths during a charity street procession.'
  16. 'Born 50 years ago in Glasgow's east end, by the age of 14 he was caught up in the world of razor gangs and petty crime.'
  17. 'By having more programs, you might see a reduction in the dangers facing youth today like street gangs.'
  18. 'Their father spent 10 years in prison and the two boys became involved with the street gangs scene of the 1960s.'
  19. 'A couple have vowed not to be pushed out of their own street by gangs of youths they say have made their lives a misery for years.'
  20. 'Stores with extensive ground-level car parking, which suffer car crime and loitering gangs of youths, are considering security patrols.'
  21. 'Crime by gangs of unemployed youth has been increasing in the Tari area.'
  22. 'His mother believed he may have been targeted because he was carrying skates - and was concerned about the growing violence involving young gangs in the city.'
  23. 'Suddenly it's next December 31, and the gang's all together again to ring in another year.'
  24. 'Soon enough, the gang is all together and they're playing a game of high stakes poker.'
  25. 'Let's get the rest of the gang together and hang out at the canteen.'
  26. 'It was going to be the first time the gang had all been together since the last day of school.'
  27. 'a government road gang'
  28. 'The planners and tunnel gangs had done their job with impressive skill.'
  29. 'Despite the proven utility of convict road gangs for construction work, the postwar trend was definitely headed in the direction of maintenance work.'
  30. 'The prison warden declared that he was a ‘trusty’ and had served on the road gang without trouble.'
  31. 'For the next six months he and a gang of voluntary workers worked night after night to transform the vacant site into the first Celtic Park.'
  32. 'African male slaves described as being from the same ‘nation’ in Africa often labored together in work gangs.'
  33. 'The number of convicts used in road gangs in Alabama increased rapidly in the late 1940s as demobilization increased the population of young men.'
  34. 'Some were lynched and many others brought before the courts where they were convicted and sentenced to long terms working on county chain and highway gangs.'
  35. 'By the 1960s SHD enthusiasm for using convict road gangs was apparently in decline as the system dwindled away to a remnant.'
  36. 'Men worked on road gangs, though before long labour shortages led Ottawa to encourage them to move eastwards to Central Canadian manufacturing plants.'
  37. 'The majority of the county convicts placed in state custody were put to work on prison farms rather than on road gangs.'
A set of switches, sockets, or other electrical or mechanical devices grouped together.
  1. as modifier, in combination 'a three-gang switch'


(of a number of people) form a group or gang.
  1. 'It seems no coincidence that every election year a few politicians gang together for some legislative bashing.'
  2. 'While other children that were experimented on liked to gang together and try to keep each other's spirits up, he would always stay separate.'
  3. 'It was the first time such a large group of WTO member states had ganged together to ask for the suspension of concessions, he noted, though he expressed regret at being obliged to take such an action.'
  4. 'On the Downbelows' debut, Toronto punk vets (ex-members of Trigger Happy, Tirekickers, et al.) gang together for an ode to their favourite rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood.'
  5. 'they ganged up on me and nicked my pocket money'
  6. 'I would like to join Tim in ganging up on him over this post of his today.'
  7. '‘As someone from Swindon I have got concerns because I think we will see the rural areas ganging up on the urban areas,’ he said.'
  8. 'The Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times all ganged up on him and forced his Mercury Times editor to withdraw support for the series in a front-page editorial.'
  9. 'As the French Open gathers its forces for the second week, the top women are ganging up on poor little Serena.'
  10. 'If possible, people working together will always attempt to gang up on single antagonists one at a time.'
Arrange (electrical devices or machines) together to work in coordination.
  1. 'Multiple lane approaches, each running at slower speeds like 10G XAUI, ganged together to provide high overall speed, were not considered due to their inherent cost and complexity burden to the disk drive.'
  2. 'The sixteen pixel shader units are ganged together into four groups of four, and memory accesses are carried out on 2x2 tiles of pixels for the sake of transactional and bandwidth efficiency.'
  3. 'In applications requiring all live current - carrying wires to be positively opened from the source voltage when a fault occurs, fuses cannot be ganged together to assure that all lines will be opened in the event of an overload or fault.'
  4. 'By the way, faders can be ganged together as a mix group for simultaneous operation, including the recording of simultaneous automation curves.'


Go; proceed.
  1. ''I'll be gettin' a bit leave afore we gang to the Front,' said Macgregor, as though the months of training were already nearing an end.'

More definitions

1. a group or band: A gang of boys gathered around the winning pitcher.

2. a group of youngsters or adolescents who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reasons, especially such a group engaging in delinquent behavior.

3. a group of people with compatible tastes or mutual interests who gather together for social reasons: I'm throwing a party for the gang I bowl with.

4. a group of persons working together; squad; shift: a gang of laborers.

5. a group of persons ass

More examples(as adjective)

"switches can be ganged."

"conductanceses can be ganged."


(gang)Old English gangan, of Germanic origin; related to go.


gang agley