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An officer of a law-enforcement agency who takes part in breaking up criminal gangs.
  1. 'She tries not to come in like a whirlwind or gangbusters and turn things upside down.'
Very successful.
  1. 'The result of this explosion in DVD player affordability and portability is gangbuster sales for Dora DVDs - they're up 80 percent over the last year.'
  2. 'After a brief period where the Fetish Café became the Fetish Funhouse and where ‘things just weren't quite right,’ the club has recently returned to its old formula and is, once again, doing gangbuster business.'
  3. 'That's not gangbusters, but it has been good enough to raise labor compensation by 4 1/2% in the past year.'
  4. 'For the industry, the bright spot has been gangbuster growth in online advertising revenue, up 40 to 60 percent at nearly every company.'
  5. 'Although he is struggling with Anaheim, they are having gangbuster seasons.'
  6. 'Suddenly, without my realizing it, my pen begins to skim over paper at a gangbuster pace.'
  7. 'Tech and telecom fund losses - despite a gangbuster rally since Apr. 4-are ugly.'

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1. a law-enforcement officer who specializes in breaking up organized crime, often by forceful or sensational means.

2. someone or something having great impact, usually in a positive way.

3. gangbusters, an outstandingly successful state or situation: We aren't looking for gangbusters, but we'd like you to pass all your subjects this semester. adjective, Often, gangbusters

4. of or like a law-enforcement officer who uses rough, aggressive, or sensational tactics in fightin

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"people can be gangbusters with plans."

"months can be gangbusters for caps."

"people can be gangbusters."

"consumers can be gangbusters."

"places can be gangbusters."

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go (or like) gangbusters