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(especially of a leg) unable to function normally because of injury or chronic pain.
  1. 'White Wells is an historic spa pool on Ilkley Moor where, it is rumoured, a shepherd once had his gammy leg cured by the pure mooorland stream.'
  2. 'I dragged my gammy foot behind me down to where she was standing and stopped inches away from her.'
  3. 'With his gammy knees, so scarred and unsightly - he opted out of wearing a kilt at the opening of France 98 - he was in discomfort as he hirpled up a set of steps in Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium four nights ago.'
  4. 'I imagine that he has one blue eye, one green, and a gammy leg.'
  5. '‘I broke it in six places,’ he replied, patting the gammy limb.'
  6. 'Her gammy hip hadn't been a real problem on this holiday.'
  7. 'The next day I was faced with two unappealing options: either go caving with a gammy knee, or tell Catherine her second caving trip (and first trip in her new gear) was off.'
  8. 'Autobiography used to be the preserve of hammy actors, gammy lieutenant commanders and superannuated hangers-on to the Bloomsbury Group.'


1. disabled; lame: a gammy leg.

More examples(as adjective)

"legs can be gammy."

"knees can be gammy."

"gears can be gammy."


Mid 19th century (in the sense ‘bad, false’): dialect form of game.