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An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.
  1. 'But few other games really engage the intellect, instead of just the reflexes.'
  2. 'Sophie recalled childhood games in the school playground.'
  3. 'Villagers baked in the sun while enjoying games, rides and entertainment on the village green on Saturday.'
  4. 'There will be games, amusements and activities for all the family.'
  5. 'Try these verbal games to engage their minds as well as their bodies.'
  6. 'A host of games and other entertainment activities were laid on around the grounds of the pier and Walking Street.'
  7. 'This club provides weekly activities, games and amusement for the youth.'
  8. 'The same applies when the children are taken out to fun fairs where they have to mount a wide selection of amusement games.'
  9. 'During the week, members of the group are encouraged to open their hearts and minds, and to engage in group activities and games.'
  10. 'This had been a childhood game of theirs - to startle the rider into unseating themselves.'
  11. 'the game of cricket'
  12. 'Personally, do you believe that the third umpire concept is workable in a fast game like hockey?'
  13. 'The sports complex will have facilities for indoor games including badminton, billiards, and table tennis.'
  14. 'Earlier this year, the house teams competed in friendly rivalry games of cricket, football and volleyball.'
  15. 'You are invited to join in the fun of organising dances, publicity, events, games, competitions and much more.'
  16. 'Soccer is a winter game, Gaelic football and hurling are summer games.'
  17. 'They feel that for the good of the game and the competition they need to allow the holder to defend the title.'
  18. 'I didn't do too badly following the game and the rules, thanks mostly to my experience playing softball.'
  19. 'If soccer is not your cup of tea, you can switch to the more genteel game of tennis.'
  20. 'A fierce game of beach volley ball had erupted into play between two groups of girls.'
  21. 'Buddhists celebrate the New Year in March or April with coconut games and pillow fights.'
  22. 'Plato, for example, thought that training athletes for the games was of little relevance for the real world of fighting.'
  23. 'During the games, athletes will live on university campuses in and around Dublin.'
  24. 'In 14 World Cup games in five previous tournaments Korea had not won a match.'
  25. 'The games are the final event for the current and very successful Academy program.'
  26. 'At the games, athletes will be expected to maintain good behaviour and observe a code of conduct.'
  27. 'A spinner who has been performing honestly in these games has been him.'
  28. 'Some will simply enjoy the games as a sporting event.'
  29. 'He likened the Iraqi team to the East Timorese athletes at the Sydney games.'
  30. 'This time fingers are crossed that Catherine will do it all again in table tennis at the 2003 games.'
  31. 'She believed his decision to debar the Filipino athletes from the games was premature.'
  32. 'in order to be popular, you had to be good at games'
  33. 'We take them to their games, lessons, etc. but how much do we really interact with them?'
  34. 'He said had been at his games lesson for only 15 minutes when the headteacher took him to his office, where police were called.'
  35. 'Children with autism and Asperger's syndrome tend to be clumsy and to struggle with games lessons at school.'
  36. 'The games software alone has an equivalent retail value of £120,000.'
  37. 'Monopoly is Hasbro's largest selling board game with 1.5m games sold per year.'
  38. 'In other words, people aren't buying as many games right now.'
  39. 'Gradually I bought a few more games and even managed to meet a few other players.'
  40. 'What's the betting that many of them are adults buying the game for their kids?'
  41. 'They bullied their way into my apartment, uploaded the game onto my computer and demanded that I give it a try.'
  42. 'The money was to purchase equipment for the club, including computers, games, furniture and arts and crafts materials.'
  43. 'She wasn't up to date on any of the systems and her parents don't let her buy Mature rated games anyway.'
  44. 'The item I actually went to the shop to buy was a game called ‘Medal of Honour’ for my PC.'
  45. 'You still need to go out to the store and buy the game - or order it online and wait a few days for it to show up.'
  46. 'Rooks attempted to raise his game to another level'
  47. 'Worryingly, I could identify a few traits I'd normally associate more with my own tennis game.'
  48. 'Outstanding performer though he was beforehand, he raised his game after turning 30.'
  49. 'Not one to stand still, he is determined to raise his game to a new level.'
  50. 'This Indian team has several batsmen who can raise their game to attain this level.'
  51. 'I used to be dragged along in his wake, his excellence raising my game, forcing me to operate at a higher level too.'
  52. 'It was the measure of a team and driver at the absolute top of their game and setting new standards that the rest have yet to match.'
  53. 'He said with a second title under his belt in two months, he would now take his game to higher levels possible.'
  54. 'Town raised their game after the try, but were unable to convert pressure into points.'
A complete episode or period of play, ending in a final result.
  1. 'The percentage of postseason games in football is notably lower than in other sports.'
  2. 'In the Winter Olympics many ice hockey games were decided by numerical advantages.'
  3. 'Six of their final seven games are inside a dome, making winter weather a non-issue.'
  4. 'There'll be gripping and competitive games of play-off football going on all over Europe next weekend.'
  5. 'They overcame a six and a half-game margin in the final 13 games to pass Philadelphia.'
  6. 'The final game of this series will be played in Birmingham on the December 13.'
  7. 'The team must gain some momentum going into the final six games, four of which are at home.'
  8. 'The goal is to get familiar with protecting a lead in the final minutes of a game.'
  9. 'We will just try our hardest and concentrate on our final few games to get the results we need.'
  10. 'The final game against York was a clogged up battle with both sides showing fatigue.'
  11. 'then came another ace to set up game, set, and match'
  12. 'In the final game at match point, he played a super shot to save point.'
  13. 'The Swiss calmly wrapped up the victory on the first of three match points a game later.'
  14. 'We squeezed all of our remaining 18 games of match play into Wednesday, the day after the attacks.'
  15. 'A game may be made in more than one deal, such as by scoring 60 and later 40, or it may be scored by making a larger bid and earning 100 or more points in a single deal.'
A type of activity or business regarded as a game.
  1. 'this was a game of shuttle diplomacy at which I had become adept'
  2. 'At first it was just a game - buying notional shares and sitting on them.'
  3. 'Trade and economic growth are positive-sum games, in which there can be winners without losers.'
  4. 'Readers might think that only the biggest Indian companies can get into the global takeover game.'
  5. 'Amiable careerists who can avoid making enemies have a definite leg up in this game.'
  6. 'The state can hire in expertise to play the private sector's game, but this simply adds to the expense.'
  7. 'We are new to this game of bidding for sports events, and haven't hosted many.'
  8. 'She was playing into his game and the plan was supposed to be that he played into hers.'
  9. 'One who thinks or says otherwise indulges in the game of double standards.'
  10. 'The intent of the film, however, is not to play clever, reflexive narrative games.'
  11. 'They're playing a very clever game and that's why we can't see properly what's going on.'
  12. 'Surely the hunt organisers are not stupid enough to believe that their little game was going to continue forever.'
  13. 'This was the first move in a complicated and clever double game to return to power.'
  14. 'Robertson, soulless puppetmaster that he is, says that the plans are just games.'
  15. 'This is a very dangerous game because who is to say he will not call their bluff?'
Wild mammals or birds hunted for sport or food.
  1. 'At least a dozen groups of hunters shoot game in this part of the Eastern Rhodopes every year.'
  2. 'Slow of foot, but agile of mind, how did he catch the speedy antelope and other game which provided him with his protein?'
  3. 'If we had nothing from the night before, I'd set off with the crossbow and go hunting small game.'
  4. 'It comes on a long rod that a hunter pushes into the ground to hold the bow while the hunter waits for game.'
  5. 'Blunt cone shaped arrow heads made of bone have been found at other sites that were intended to stun or kill small game or birds.'
  6. 'Sporting shooting of game or clays is a legal pastime enjoyed by many people of all ages and from all social backgrounds.'
  7. 'This bill would not affect the ability of a person to operate a feeder for purposes other than hunting game.'
  8. 'In this way, balance between the numbers of hunters and of game was preserved through the ages.'
  9. 'Home of the Bushmen, the arid reaches of the Kalahari has some spectacularly wild and remote game viewing areas.'
  10. 'The browns and tans and whites of poised game can blend with the background foliage.'
  11. as modifier 'a game pie'
  12. 'We have not yet taken up the gun but we do have a taste for fresh, wild game, and there is plenty of access to it here.'
  13. 'The Old Inn at Gairloch is famous for its seafood and game but it is worth holding back to enjoy pudding.'
  14. 'This course could also be game, such as pheasant, wild goat, duck or partridge.'
  15. 'Earlier news reports said the waitress worked in a restaurant that served wild game.'
  16. 'The rest of the carcass can be used to make some game stock for gravy or soup, or freeze the carcass to use later.'
  17. 'He insists that all the meat is Scottish and the seafood, game, fruit and vegetables are local and delivered each day.'
  18. 'We have undoubtedly the best beef in the world, our seafood is unbeatable, as are our game, lamb and wild mushrooms.'
  19. 'Its flavour goes particularly well with saline flavours: ham, pork, sausages and game.'
  20. 'The warning comes after reports of anonymous individuals selling meat and game from vehicles across the county.'
  21. 'Served in a sauce with beef, game or shellfish, it can lift the flavour perfectly.'
A group of swans.
  1. 'One may prescribe to have a game of swans within his manor.'
  2. 'The city of Oxford has a game of swans by prescription.'
  3. 'In order to have an understanding of what the conveyance of a game of swans by a London citizen to the College meant, it should be observed that the kingdom of England was divided into swan areas of large size.'


Eager or willing to do something new or challenging.
  1. 'He was quite game about the issue, and mostly gave straight answers.'
  2. 'Game for a laugh is Denis, but I digress.'


Manipulate (a situation), typically in a way that is unfair or unscrupulous.
  1. 'politicians blamed electricity generators for gaming the market'
  2. 'Otherwise candidates and parties would constantly game the system and change the rules, undermining the legitimacy of every election.'
  3. 'But the truth is, the doc and foreign process has been a problem and has been gamed by the players for years.'
  4. 'I think they said it was $500 or $600 we were all paying because people were gaming in the bankruptcy system.'
  5. 'Military analysts have gamed it out.'
  6. 'It's the result of speculators who gamed the system, regulators who looked the other way, lobbyists who bought their way into our government.'
  7. 'The problem is, such systems can be gamed.'
  8. 'Either solution fails if I'm unscrupulous, and willing to take personal risk by gaming the system.'
  9. 'It's a result of speculators who gamed the system, regulators who looked the other way, lobbyists who bought their way into our government.'
  10. 'He was gaming the Time magazine most influential person poll.'
  11. 'We're trying to take a scalpel and carve out this very small percentage of the people that are gaming the system.'
Play video games.
  1. 'Snooker is a bit of a niche market when it comes to console gaming.'
  2. 'Nintendo has been around longer than video gaming and it most likely will stay that way forever.'
  3. 'Has there been a big enough paradigm shift in our culture to create a change in gaming?'
  4. 'Eight artists celebrate the digital playground of games, sounds and the aesthetics of computer gaming.'
  5. 'The constant tension in the game is unlike any other experience in gaming today.'
  6. 'While in high school and college I played the game regularly and, in the groups I gamed with, I often won; certainly well above the statistical expectations for the game.'
  7. 'It's a technological marvel and will give computer gaming a whole new meaning.'
Play gambling games.
  1. 'Canada is an important market for the poker group but there are doubts about if the firm's gaming licence is legitimate.'
  2. 'New gaming laws could also allow bingo clubs to offer other services, such as horse race betting and fruit machines.'
  3. 'When the first gaming casino was established on a reserve, a SWAT team took the chief away in chains.'
  4. 'The War Games group gamed the war-plan of the opposing side in order to try out unexpected moves.'
  5. 'Down below, the regular punters swarm around hundreds of baize gaming tables.'
  6. 'Watch out for high rollers from the US gaming industry heading for Europe.'
  7. 'It pleased me to see the diehard's still gaming the next day, at the same table as I had left them the night before.'


1. an amusement or pastime: children's games.

2. the material or equipment used in playing certain games: a store selling toys and games.

3. a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.

4. a single occasion of such an activity, or a definite portion of one: the final game of the season; a rubber of three games at bridge.

5. the num

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"yesterdays can be game against places."

"places can be game off lands."

"places can be game off fish."

"places can be game away from slams."

"people can be game in/at/on days."

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