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A roof with two sides, each of which has a shallower slope above a steeper one.
  1. 'For example, even the adoption of a new gambrel roof system with stud walls and a truss roof did not wholly eliminate the old heavy timber mortise-and-tenon construction system.'
  2. 'This ten page plan set for three different gambrel roof barn designs: 24’ wide, 30’ wide and 38’ wide.'
  3. 'The brick and stone courthouse with gambrel roofs, built in 1903, has some venerable old jacaranda trees for shade.'
  4. 'Between the 1760's and 1770's the gambrel roofs fell out of favor and were converted into a second story and a gable roof with or without dormers.'
  5. 'When you create this combination of shed roofs and gambrel roofs you get into a situation where the roofs join in a very complicated manner.'
  6. 'This one has a gambrel roof, wide shed roof dormers, and a shed roof over the porch.'
  7. '‘I grew up in a home like this,’ she reminisced as she drove by a brick house with a gambrel rooftop.'
  8. 'His five-bay building, with its glazed header Flemish bond brick facade had a gambrel roof typical of local vernacular architecture.'
  9. 'The home is two stories with a gambrel (barn-style) roof and a covered porch we enjoy year-round.'
  10. 'This mostly stone two-story house has a Dutch gambrel hipped roof.'

More definitions

1. the hock of an animal, especially of a horse.

2. Also called gambrel stick. a wood or metal device for suspending a slaughtered animal.

More examples(as adjective)

"shacks can be gambrel."


Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘bent piece of wood or iron to hang carcasses on’): from Old Northern French gamberel, from gambier ‘forked stick’, from gambe ‘leg’. The sense ‘hipped roof’ (mid 19th century) is based on an earlier meaning ‘joint in the upper part of a horse's hind leg’, the shape of which the roof resembles.