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A unit of liquid or dry capacity equal to eight pints or 4.55 litres.
  1. 'The AA calculates that a modest family car doing 12,000 miles a year and getting 30 miles per gallon will use 1800 litres of fuel.'
  2. 'At this time, the going rate per gallon was the equivalent of about 5p.'
  3. 'Pump prices have already soared to 81p per litre - £3.68p a gallon - on many forecourts.'
  4. 'Other units, such as cubic meters or imperial gallons, can be converted to the U.S. barrel fairly easily.'
  5. 'Since we've been here, we've probably bought close to 100,000 litres of compost (that's close to 22,000 imperial gallons).'
  6. 'The premium was based on the milk quota held by eligible farmers on March 31 at a rate of approximately 1.21 cent a litre or 5.5 cent per gallon.'
  7. 'The annual price for milk per gallon was £1.17, the euro equivalent being 1.48.'
  8. 'Even if we use Moller's 645 hp figure, that's 43 gallons per hour.'
  9. 'The Fabia will average well over 40 miles per gallon, almost matching the more expensive 1.9 litre turbodiesel.'
  10. 'It was announced that garages would switch to selling petrol by the litre instead of the gallon from the following autumn.'
  11. 'For smaller back pack sprayers use an equivalent of 1.3 oz of product per every gallon of water.'
  12. 'The milk is available in gallons, half gallons, quarts and pints.'
  13. 'The fission of a single gram of uranium is the energy equivalent of burning three tons of coal, or 600 gallons of fuel oil.'
  14. 'Four liters is approximately one gallon, or the equivalent of about nine pounds.'
  15. 'One respondent said that poultry plants have increased water consumption from approximately six gallons to 9.5 gallons per bird.'
  16. 'That's the equivalent of about 1 teaspoon of sugar in a gallon of water.'
  17. 'The paper points out that the energy of 2.66 gallons of ethanol is equivalent to 1.74 gallons of gasoline.'
  18. 'I kicked the habit in the early 1980s, when gas prices were the equivalent of about $3 per gallon.'
  19. 'This is also known as water volume which is measured in gallons per minute or litres per minute and the amount of water being thrown at the surface being cleaned.'
  20. 'Well, certainly this would be true in Europe, where fuel costs the equivalent of $4 or $5 per gallon.'
A large volume of something.
  1. 'A plethora of massive pipes keep draining millions of gallons of radioactive water into the sea with high amount of low-level radiation.'
  2. 'Rather than wasting multiple gallons of energized water I should think it would be profitable, if not philanthropic, to bottle it and take it to market.'
  3. 'What do a few buckets of waste mean anyway, in the grand scheme of things as you bob up and down atop gazillions of gallons of seawater?'

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1. a common unit of capacity in English-speaking countries, equal to four quarts, the U.S. standard gallon being equal to 231 cubic inches (

3.7853 liters), and the British imperial gallon to 27

7.42 cubic inches (

4.546 liters).Abbreviation:gal.

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"years can be gallon."

"treatments can be gallon."

"ponds can be gallon."

"capacities can be gallon."


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French galon, from the base of medieval Latin galleta, galletum ‘pail, liquid measure’, perhaps of Celtic origin.