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A collection of small shops under a single roof; an arcade.
  1. 'The villa galleria was baroquely ostentatious and many of the artworks just clutter-glitter.'
  2. 'Conceived as a manmade forest dappled by sunlight, the galleria's laminated timber structure (a material previously prohibited by Ontario's building code) has a distinctly arboreal quality.'
  3. 'Along these gallerias, daylit through courtyards and light wells from above, are all the large major institutional, commercial, and industrial activities as well as infrastructure, service, parking, tracks and transportation; activities whose large scale often disrupts the integrity of a traditional urban fabric, but which are necessary to sustain a modern urban economy.'
  4. 'When Morn says, ‘Blink break,’ I make blurry eye contact with Jason, who smiles at me, I think, before walking into the bustling galleria.'
  5. 'The Italian males gave me appreciative glances in fancy restaurants and gallerias, and comments of ‘bellissima, bellissima!’'
  6. 'Instead of lulling at the galleria or taking in Lakers games, Ashley Peterson spends her free time spreading compassion for the homeless.'
  7. 'Toplit, the galleria is fundamentally part of the mall with its roof taken off and built up with layers of university to form a much more noble space than the drearily functional and rather dark volume there before.'
  8. 'The university takes up three floors, connecting tower, podium and galleria.'
  9. 'There's going to be drum 'n' bass in the lounge, hip hop and MCs in the galleria.'
  10. 'Reopened after a complete restoration last year, it now houses a gourmet galleria that sells some of Northern California's best foods.'
  11. 'You can also visit Santa Monica Place, a tri-level skylit galleria housing 570,000 square feet with 120 shops and eateries.'
  12. 'Not quite a hotel lobby, not quite a plaza, not quite a galleria, the promenade has been a difficult space to perfect.'

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1. a spacious passageway, court, or indoor mall, usually with a vaulted roof and lined with commercial establishments.

2. gallery (defs 7–10).

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"buildings can be galleria."


Italian (see gallery).