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A social occasion with special entertainments or performances.
  1. 'Pupils staged a gala performance of dance, poems, songs and gymnastics in her honour.'
  2. 'The pressure was on a year in advance to come up with stellar costuming worthy of the star-studded gala performance at Wortham Theater Center.'
  3. 'The two stars, who will be special guests at the gala, will perform individually and in tandem.'
  4. 'She was presented with her award at a gala dinner and gathering in the Burlington Hotel last week.'
  5. 'This price includes a buffet breakfast, the use the hotel's conference facilities, lunch, a gala dinner and a floor show.'
  6. 'The Great Northern Brass Arts Festival, which is in its fifth year, began with a five-hour concert, followed by an evening gala performance in front of a capacity audience.'
  7. 'He'll also join other centenary celebrations including a gala dinner on November 23.'
  8. 'Over €16m was raised from the charity auction at the gala dinner, which was attended by over 1,200 people.'
  9. 'She once famously shook hands with Dracula when she attended a gala performance by the company at Leeds Grand Theatre.'
  10. 'The exhibit's grand finale was a gala auction of the winning doghouses that raised money for the SPCA and the museum.'
  11. 'we met at a swimming gala'
  12. 'Apart from the international competitions, six league galas had also been lined up for the 2004/2005 season.'
  13. 'About 500 swimmers from all over South Africa have gathered for one of the biggest galas on the swimming calendar, the Telkom National Aquatic Championships.'
  14. 'Mrs Lindridge and other members of the club said if the pool did not open dozens of schoolchildren would miss out on important exercise and fun, as well as the annual swimming gala.'
  15. 'Twenty of the pupils will compete in the swimming gala in Portarlington on Wednesday, June 14.'
  16. 'Acceptance of this offer by Schoeman would mean the swimmer cannot compete for South Africa for a full year before he will be eligible to represent Qatar in future swimming galas.'
  17. 'She will then attend further training sessions and also to take part in swimming galas.'
  18. 'Some voluntary groups have lost thousands of pounds because of the cancellation of their main fund-raising events of the year, like village shows, galas and sports meetings.'
  19. 'Ballina Dolphins swimmers participated in the recent gala at Claremorris swimming pool and were successful in the following events.'
  20. 'Austin went on to say that his father was always there for his family, whether it was a school play, a football match or a swimming gala.'
  21. 'About six awards are expected to be dished out to deserving swimmers during the ceremony, to be preceded with the first league gala at the Olympic Swimming Pool.'

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1. festive; festal; showy: Her birthday parties were always gala occasions. noun

2. a festive occasion; celebration; special entertainment: a gala featuring opera stars in their most famous scenes.

3. festal pomp or dress.

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"dinners can be gala."

"concerts can be gala."

"events can be gala."

"evenings can be gala."

"ceremonies can be gala."

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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘showy dress’): via Italian and Spanish from Old French gale ‘rejoicing’.