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Having or involving very modern technology or design.
  1. 'Practically all futuristic templates are user friendly and can be modified according to your specific needs.'
  2. 'Modern lines and daring new looks can all contribute to futuristic clothes trends.'
  3. 'The adults expected them to choose the photo of a modern, futuristic bike.'
  4. 'This futuristic robot technology could soon revolutionise surgery for hundreds of patients in Yorkshire.'
  5. 'All our futuristic website templates are the best of their kind.'
  6. 'This state-of-the-art facility is so futuristic it is unbelievably superior to any facility in the world.'
  7. 'It is basically the use of futuristic technology to introduce children to music in bold and innovative ways.'
  8. 'At one point of time, all the jewels on display are futuristic in design, even to the point of appearing bizarre to the uninitiated.'
  9. 'This year the challenge was to design an innovative and futuristic solution for winter warmth.'
  10. 'Whether it will be retro, modern, futuristic or even Moorish is not clear, but it's a safe bet that it will be achingly stylish.'
  11. 'his blackly comic futuristic fantasy'
  12. 'These events in Chow's life inspire him to write futuristic stories, which are woven elegantly into the fabric of the film.'
  13. 'He created this and his other futuristic novels at a time when Europe was slipping into depression, fascism and war.'
  14. 'And believe me, there is nothing schmaltzy about this riveting futuristic film noir thriller.'
  15. 'For Bay, the movie represents an opportunity to direct a futuristic sci-fi thriller, but he insists that it is in no way geeky.'
Of or characteristic of Futurism.


    1. of or relating to the future: a futuristic view of the world.

    2. ahead of the times; advanced: futuristic technology.

    3. (sometimes initial capital letter) of or relating to futurism: the futuristic rejection of traditional forms.

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    "dishes can be futuristic as discs."

    "cities can be futuristic."

    "centres can be futuristic."

    "stadiums can be futuristic."

    "superjumbos can be futuristic."

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