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An adherent of Futurism.
  1. 'According to him, the Communists revolutionised social content while the Futurists merely revolutionised artistic form.'
  2. 'The Russian Futurists rejected Symbolism, which had been such a powerful force in the country's art, demanding a new and experimental attitude, and they welcomed the Revolution.'
  3. 'Aesthetically, it recalls the jagged, fragmented abstract art of the Italian Futurists, Russia's Suprematists and Constructivists, and Vorticist Wyndham Lewis.'
  4. 'He studied at the Brussels Academy from 1916, associating with the Belgian avant-garde - poets and painters - and admiring the Futurists and the Italian metaphysical painter Giorgio de Chirico.'
  5. 'Accordingly, she gives what is now the near obligatory nod to Marcel Duchamp while omitting any discussion of those Dadaists or Futurists who had abandoned the studio and its craft as being central to artistic and cultural production.'
  6. 'The Futurists saw art as a weapon in a bitter struggle with the old.'
  7. 'Beginning with performance art and Futurists, she discussed disruptive forums that appeal to a broad public, both anarchic and socially engaged, breaking down categories, bridging disciplines, open-ended and malleable acts.'
  8. 'But there is no reason to assume a logical link between the two, as Brecht, the Futurists and the Surrealists recognised.'
  9. 'The theme was clearly shared by many artists, among them the Futurists, Picabia (Duchamp's boon companion for a time) and the Delaunays.'
  10. 'References to Marcel Duchamp, Frederick Nietzche and the Italian Futurists are all woven into Hitlers' artistic ethos, even though he claims to be an anti-modernist.'
A person who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current trends.
  1. 'I'm a lousy futurist, so I'm loathe to make any big predictions.'
  2. 'Many futurists predict that people will soon be recording almost every waking moment in their lives.'
  3. 'This technological revolution is so pervasive in our culture that many self-proclaimed experts and futurists are predicting a paperless society - and sooner rather than later.'
  4. 'Cass has made a career as an economic futurist, studying what changes in the economy, and, more importantly, what doesn't change.'
  5. 'He commissioned two master futurists to produce an analysis.'
  6. 'You know, futurists tell us if we're alive in the year 2010, that our life expectancy's 125, OK?'
  7. 'What do tourists, nourishment, and futurists have in common?'
  8. 'Hundreds of futurists, supposedly right up there on the cutting edge of everything, laughed at a word that is so ancient it made its way to that hotbed of street slang, the House of Commons, three years ago.'
  9. 'Trendspotters, cool-hunters and professional futurists make a living identifying the hot new ideas that will eventually touch the rest of us.'
  10. 'He's not one of your crazy futurists - he won't dole out contraceptive medicine to anyone unmarried, say, and despite being an ob-gyn, he's a staunch pro-lifer.'
A person who believes that eschatological prophecies are still to be fulfilled.


    Relating to Futurism or the Futurists.
    1. 'The extravagant rhetoric of the original Futurist manifesto in 1909 set the tone of a movement in which the method, like the message, was to be uncompromising.'
    2. 'Dadaism, Surrealism, and Futurist performance activities seem to have shared a similar spirit of exploration, of breaking down boundaries, of looking to process instead of product.'
    3. 'Faced with technophobia, hyped techno-optimism, and Futurist discourses of progress that make us blind to the clumsy reality of computers, how do we think about and live with technology?'
    4. 'Two series of paintings, Swifts in Flight and the Speeding Automobile, suggest the Futurist preoccupation with velocity, but here, movement is evoked through patterns of lines rather than broken contours.'
    5. 'We will see how this translates into Futurist style in a moment, but first we must consider the role of human creativity in this theoretical matrix.'
    6. 'One of the best collections of Futurist art outside Italy is the Eric and Salome Estorick Foundation, London, which opened to the public in 1998.'
    7. 'The most effective of his pictures of destruction is the pastel and chalk Boesinghe Farm, which utilises the shapes of Futurist patterns in its dark portrayal of fallen timbers and shattered brick.'
    8. 'Marinetti found new Futurist friends in the years between the wars and he was an early member of the Fascist Party which grew swiftly in Italy after 1919.'
    9. 'Unlike the work of these Constructivists, however, Gummer's forms evoke motion, like the lines of three in Futurist paintings.'
    10. 'However, seeing as a lot of it was influenced by Futurist art it tended to be bought up by the Fascists.'
    Relating to a vision of the future.
    1. 'It's what you get for reading books of futurist hyperbole before you go to sleep.'
    2. 'Ancient tradition doesn't sit next to futurist corporation.'
    3. 'More recently, weather and climate have become sources of equally fantastic futurist doomsday scenarios as well.'
    4. 'But all Laurens's play, which has already finished its brief run, proves is that classical myth and futurist nightmare make queasily strange bedfellows.'
    5. 'Apparently, even futurist visionaries like turkey.'
    6. 'In the futurist vision, pulses from e-bombs cause anything that contains computer chips to wheeze to a halt, winning without widespread devastation and allowing low-cost reconstruction - just replace the chips!'
    7. 'Once, such ideas were the stuff of futurist ponderings published in popular science and mechanics magazines.'
    8. 'And it's this futurist outlook which made the day and age of Walter Paepcke, and his contemporaries, so wonderful.'
    9. 'Possibly the most futurist gadget I have seen in months is the Ceiva Internet-Enabled Photo Frame.'


    1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a follower of futurism, especially an artist or writer.

    2. Theology. a person who maintains that the prophecies in the Apocalypse will be fulfilled in the future.Compare presentist, preterist.

    3. Also, futurologist. a person whose occupation or specialty is the forecasting of future events, conditions, or developments. adjective

    4. futuristic.

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