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A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.
  1. 'work on the building will be shelved for the foreseeable future'
  2. 'What do you view as the future of policy initiatives in this area in the foreseeable future?'
  3. 'These moments condition more moments in the future so that understanding and patience grow.'
  4. 'It is difficult to envision a plan for the future without visiting moments from the past.'
  5. 'He also gave me some food for thought about my own writing in the future.'
  6. 'At last this is a sentence appropriate to the crime and a strong precedent for other judges to follow in the future.'
  7. 'We cannot rule out the possibility of a conspiracy to carry out more attacks in the future, whether near or distant.'
  8. 'Pat plans to release a further single in the near future, followed by an album in early autumn.'
  9. 'Coaching sessions for would-be bowlers are planned in the near future.'
  10. 'Towards the end of the book he looks at what the future holds based on programmes that have been funded and are about to start.'
  11. 'No, awful as that picture is, it is just a snapshot of a moment in the near future.'
  12. 'People who work with computers sometimes feel an irresistible urge to predict the future.'
  13. 'In fact, predicting the future of music is more difficult than ever.'
  14. 'As no one can predict the future, our advice is to have a bit of everything and spread the risk.'
  15. 'I know that's asking you to predict the future, but give us a sense of how big a claim it could be.'
  16. 'Nobody can predict the future - yet we know some farmers will see it as decision time.'
  17. 'I do rely on him because his technical expertise is superb and his ability to predict the future has been uncanny.'
  18. 'If the investors were uncertain, it seemed that companies were equally unsure about predicting the future.'
  19. 'Now we have to be buying from the Americans who were smart enough to predict the future.'
  20. 'If you were trying to predict the future then, you could be pretty positive.'
  21. 'Still, the wonderfully interesting thing about life is that we can never predict the future.'
  22. 'MPs will debate the future of the railways'
  23. 'And for the providers of this technology, the future is so bright, they've got to wear shades.'
  24. 'Did you at least try to have a say in your fate and the future of your city, state, nation, and world?'
  25. 'While coming out on the wrong side of the score line today Swinford looks to have a very bright future ahead.'
  26. 'That, alone, raises the most terrifying prospects for the future of humankind.'
  27. 'This young man is an all round sportsman with a bright future ahead in boxing and hurling.'
  28. 'It was a curious quirk of fate that put the future of the Tayside club in the hands of a shady Anglo-Italian entrepreneur.'
  29. 'A subsequent debate on the future of Blackfield Infant and Junior schools resulted in a similar decision.'
  30. 'There may be challenges ahead but the future in this sector is certainly looking brighter than for several years.'
  31. 'Extensive public debate about the future of NHS services in Scotland is welcome, but it must be balanced.'
  32. 'Both her and Saeed are sick, sad and filled with anxiety about their fate and the future for their child.'
  33. 'I began to believe I might have a future as an artist'
  34. 'A cleaner energy future beckons - now is the time to deliver.'
Contracts for assets (especially commodities or shares) bought at agreed prices but delivered and paid for later.
  1. 'The FSA is also aware of scams promoting options, futures and currency dealings.'
  2. 'These banks can deal in futures and options so that they can manage price risks.'
  3. 'This involves buying and selling futures or options on shares, bonds or currencies.'
  4. 'If your broking firm gives advice the adviser must be accredited to advise on ASX futures.'
  5. 'New crop canola futures also felt some backlash from the news, traders commented.'


At a later time; going or likely to happen or exist.
  1. 'The chief judge said that the verdict will be rendered at a future date.'
  2. 'Yields on bonds are so low that any future inflation is likely to erode the rates of return on government bonds bought today.'
  3. 'The future use is likely to be a small-scale residential development.'
  4. 'It is hoped that the Millennium Garden will be a source of enjoyment for present and future generations.'
  5. 'What future developments are likely concerning the legal framework for employment?'
  6. 'Hence he has only himself to blame for what we are facing today and what future generations may regret tomorrow.'
  7. 'In the absence of such forward thinking, the impact of a future super-eruption is likely to be appalling.'
  8. 'However, he may be removed as guardian at a future date if the court is satisfied it is in the child's best interest.'
  9. 'AP reports that the likely future role of this historical archive is toilet paper.'
  10. 'The review would include a list of costs which will need to come from loans and likely future costs.'
  11. 'his future wife'
  12. 'Any decision will be made on educational grounds in the interest of current and future students in the area.'
  13. 'It has been suggested that his Pitt biography is part of a grand publicity plan to jockey back into position as a future leader.'
  14. 'The warmth beside him was comforting; after all, to his left was his future wife.'
  15. 'Back at his castle, Siegfried attends a ball where he is expected to choose his future bride.'
  16. 'In July 1797, Scott went on a tour of the English Lake District where he met his future wife.'
  17. 'His future bride is better looking than any of the previous girlfriends you've managed to lock in your house for longer than a week.'
  18. 'Our failure to look at ourselves in the mirror is the tragedy future historians will be perplexed to read about.'
  19. 'The sexy socialite has revealed she and her future husband are looking forward to starting a family soon after their wedding.'
  20. 'I always have, I always will, and if my future children want to live under my roof, they will too.'
  21. 'This stance was bequeathed to future opponents of the government's plans, and it was extremely popular.'
  22. 'Traditionally, the simple future tense is will or shall followed by the infinitive: will follow.'
  23. 'If the question is framed in the future tense, then I understand what conversation we are having.'
  24. 'Then it belatedly dawned on me that the report was in the future tense and was written to explain what was due to happen that evening.'


1. time that is to be or come hereafter.

2. something that will exist or happen in time to come: The future is rooted in the past.

3. a condition, especially of success or failure, to come: Some people believe a gypsy can tell you your future.

4. Grammar. the future tense. another future formation or construction. a form in the future, as He will come.

5. Usually, futures. speculative purchases or sales of commodities for future receipt or delivery. adjective

6. that is to

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"places can be future in places."

"people can be future in/at/on years."

"people can be future in hands."

"pandas can be future of species."

"ways can be future at alls."

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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin futurus, future participle of esse ‘be’ (from the stem fu-, ultimately from a base meaning ‘grow, become’).


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