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A padded unsprung mattress originating in Japan, that can be rolled up or folded in two.
  1. 'On the west side of the room, bedding, sheets, blankets, and pillows served as a futon.'
  2. 'Prized for being both firm and supple, the Airflex features crimped coil innersprings that allow it to be folded over like a futon.'
  3. 'Rubbing her blue eyes, Nanashi finally rolled off her futon, letting a deep yawn escape as she did.'
  4. 'Instead of a space-consuming bed, a folded futon mattress with a blanket and two pillows stood near the table, leaning against the wall.'
  5. 'We roll off the futon and onto the straw mats, which are cool and ribbed in tight weave and burn our skin in what look like stratified splotches in the glare of a turquoise lava lamp.'
  6. 'Seats are removed and replaced with a futon or mattress for the flights.'
  7. 'Happy that she indeed looked like a normal person sleeping, he himself laid upon his futon, rolling onto his right side, facing away from her.'
  8. 'There where a small ground level table and two futons rolled out on the wooden floor.'
  9. 'They walked upstairs and Shannon got out sheets and a pillow for the futon in the guest bedroom.'
  10. 'She also explained Hurrion furniture was basic, their beds comparable to oriental futons, a thin mattress on a sturdy portable cot.'
  11. 'Isabella took a seat across from the girls' bunk beds on their small futon.'
  12. 'She found a nice wood kitchen set to replace the card table and folding chairs, and brought the futon she had saved from New Jersey as a couch.'
  13. 'Me and the little woman have been shopping for a new couch to replace our futon.'
  14. 'I really prefer to fold up the futon each day and would love to have a Murphy bed or this nifty one I found that folds up on a gliding hinge to be a desk by day.'
  15. 'Brought to you by Space Craft, a Chennai based furniture company brings down its specialities in sofas, double and single beds, sofa cum beds, futons, recliners and rockers in just a week after the order.'
  16. 'Then she took a seat on the small futon and acknowledged me to sit beside her.'

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1. a thin mattress, usually filled with layers of cotton batting and encased in cotton fabric, placed on a floor for sleeping, especially in traditional Japanese interiors, and folded and stored during the day.

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"cushions can be futon."


Late 19th century: Japanese.