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A fussy person.
  1. 'Mine is a fusspot round the house and is obsessed with things being ironed correctly!'
  2. 'As the chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board, he is in a sense a professional fusspot, paid to be wary.'
  3. 'The power to discriminate makes Virgo the sign of the food fusspot, the nutritionist and the restaurant critic.'
  4. 'It is no place for people who can't handle the occasional snoot full of dust or worse, or for fusspots who must work and stay clean at the same time.'
  5. 'The fusspot in me appreciates the fusspot in him.'
  6. 'Big and burly bouncers guard the entrance and are fusspots (a rarity in Valencia), so make sure you are dressed to kill.'
  7. 'I'm also working on a magnum opus, attacking poetry at every level of the class structure from the ghetto to poetry slams on up to the Library of Congress fusspots.'
  8. 'They used to be called fitters, and conjured up images of fusspots, who toiled away in dark workshops designing and constructing oil-covered dirty machines for industry.'
  9. 'Well, we have words for people like that: nitpickers, fusspots, pettifoggers.'
  10. '‘Of course I'll be alright, fusspot,’ she said teasingly.'

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1. a fussbudget.

More examples(as adjective)

"flexingses can be fusspot."

"bracings can be fusspot."