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Fastidious about one's needs or requirements; hard to please.
  1. 'They're earthy and considerate lovers: refined, reliable and ready to please - but fussy about surroundings.'
  2. 'They require moderate water and are not particularly fussy about feeding.'
  3. 'They are also fussy in selecting life-long partners so, understandably, courting takes ages, as does the honeymoon before baby arrives.'
  4. 'Many young children go through periods of being fussy eaters and this is a normal part of growing up.'
  5. 'Women enjoy the attentiveness of Shanghai men but can't stand their being fussy and ‘picky’.'
  6. 'I'm horrible to work with; I'm so fussy and picky.'
  7. 'It's not hard and roses aren't really all that fussy, but the creation of a proper rosebed can mean the difference between mediocre roses and absolutely fabulous ones.'
  8. '‘I'm very choosy in selecting characters, and very fussy about my role,’ she admits.'
  9. 'It is hard to understand how anyone can be fussy about the tidiness of his/her own surrounds and yet have no concern for the feelings of the people living near where the plastic bags were dumped.'
  10. 'I know, some are fussy and require extra attention while others are completely elusive, but that's part of their charm.'
  11. 'Eleanor patted her hair with quick, fussy movements'
  12. 'Second, any man so concerned and fussy about the details of a tooth-pick case is definitely a fop, a dandy.'
  13. 'And when it came to details, he was known to be worse than a fussy abbess running a nunnery.'
  14. 'Otherwise Vanessa worked the field once in a while, decorating fussy people's living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other such rooms.'
  15. 'Lauren took things as they came for the most part, a particular boy band freak, and not too fussy when it came to clothes and makeup.'
  16. 'The Grand Captain was a known perfectionist, and would have driven many of his men to frustration with his fussy attention to details if not for his charisma.'
  17. 'Our first built projects were very important because they made us realize how fussy we need to be with details in order to get good results.'
  18. 'I hate fussy clothes'
  19. 'The Gustavian style - a reaction against fussy rococo interiors - originated in 1770s Sweden and is still popular.'
  20. 'The effect, in the end, is a little fussy, everything too pretty and tight.'
  21. 'The stage is constantly alive with the details of everyday life, but nothing looks fussy or threatens to interfere with the personalities who dominate the action.'
  22. 'Don't go nuts with fussy extras and garish details.'
  23. 'In the stuffy room, its walls lined with fussy little ornaments, but no photos of family or friends, I nestled into my brother and promptly fell asleep as only a child can do.'
  24. 'It would come as no surprise to find these pieces described as either French or English, c.1840-50, but the decoration is too ornate and fussy for this period.'
  25. 'On the other hand, there are good signs in terms of design becoming less fussy: Flash is less prevalent as a design tool and advertising is still pretty manageable.'
  26. 'The arrangements are intricate without being fussy or complicated for the sake of it.'


1. excessively busy with trifles; anxious or particular about petty details.

2. hard to satisfy or please: a fussy eater.

3. (of clothes, decoration, etc.) elaborately made, trimmed, or decorated: All the bric-a-brac gave the room a fussy, cluttered look.

4. full of details, especially in excess: His writing is so fussy I lose the thread of the story.

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"couples can be fussier about partners."

"investors can be fussier."

"couples can be fussier."




not be fussy