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The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
  1. in singular 'the film showed a perfect fusion of image and sound'
  2. 'The anti-mergers saw the fusions as anti-democratic since they were never consulted, and were scared to lose their communities and local services.'
  3. 'All fusions were verified by DNA sequence analysis.'
  4. 'Swedish companies underwent fusions and shifted sections of their business abroad to countries with lower labour costs.'
  5. 'Since the heady days of Gunther Schuller's Third Stream experiments, many have tried putting jazz and classical musicians together in a darkened room in the hope of magical fusions.'
  6. 'Some feature various human/machine fusions at work: a particularly big and chaotic hybrid surprises the alarmed artist in her studio.'
  7. 'And whatever the theme is that the show is seeking to follow has led to a shortage of those thrillingly distinct fusions of horse and rider that Stubbs excelled in.'
  8. 'Four independent fusions were made for each species.'
  9. 'In view of his deliberate focus on such fusions of tradition, however, it is surprising that a similar flexibility is sometimes lacking from his treatment of his written sources.'
  10. 'It was one of those perfect & glorious fusions of youth, girl, car, music, road, sax, cigarettes, sunset and summer.'
  11. 'The poet restores conductivity to words through new short-circuits, which arise out of their fusions.'
  12. as modifier 'a fusion reactor'
  13. 'The most easily attained fusion reaction involves fusing nuclei of the two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, to make nuclei of helium.'
  14. 'They already get a lot of power from nuclear reactors and also are actively engaged in 4th generation nuclear reactor research and fusion reactor research.'
  15. 'the fusion of resin and glass fibre in the moulding process'
  16. 'The fusion of silica, heat and glaze transforms the once implacable grey matter into an object d' art.'
  17. '‘The fusion of these materials introduces another dimension,’ she said.'
  18. 'jazz fusion'
  19. 'Their peculiar sound could be described as eerie and rocky or jazz fusion meets metal.'
  20. 'The spotlight is focused on jazz or Afro-Cuban fusion or Celtic dance music or rai.'
  21. 'His book does not deal with the offshoots of bebop, such as cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, free jazz and fusion.'
  22. 'He has studied and performed jazz from bebop to fusion, played as fluently with hardcore and heavy metal musicians as with soundtrack samples.'
  23. 'The music is generally high-standard, and like the club's decor, is very eclectic, offering everything from blues to fusion to free jazz.'
  24. 'The Giants mean serious business: If you thought prog-rock was the most titillating genre since fusion jazz, wait until you hear themed prog-rock!'
  25. 'From be-bop to jazz/rock fusion, he led the way, either by himself or in consort with a handful of other jazz visionaries.'
  26. 'I absolutely love anything progressive and jazz rock fusion is some of the most interesting music available today.'
  27. 'On Chewing Glass And Other Miracle Cures, he's bringing the beats and scattered rhymes into the zone of spooky jazz fusion and hallucinogenic acid rock.'
  28. 'Already a host of top names in the fields of everything from trad jazz to funk and fusion are lined up to perform.'
  29. 'A self-taught cook, she slowly segued toward experimentation in fusion cuisine and opening her own restaurant in Memphis, Tenn.'
  30. 'The Bistro serves continental fusion cuisine and recently scooped three prestigious food awards in two separate competitions run by the Panel of Chefs of Ireland.'
  31. 'The wide array of delectable cuisine will include fresh fruit juices, continental food, Indian tandoor items, fusion food of Thai-Chinese dishes, and a mammoth salad bar.'
  32. 'These modern and exciting things mean there are few areas of fusion cooking which haggis hasn't touched.'
  33. 'Not surprisingly, fusion cuisine continued to be popular, melding tastes from different cultures into one melting pot.'
  34. 'Hawaii is a natural for this new-style fusion cuisine because local chefs grew up with nor agedashi, and other ingredients that remain exotic to many mainland chefs.'
  35. 'Jason was trained in the art of French cooking but also loves making fusion foods like Thai and Italian.'
  36. 'Latin-Japanese fusion cuisine means great ceviches and beef maki rolls, as well as an inventive cocktail list.'
  37. 'We'd like to get a cook who can do vegetarian Thai-Japanese fusion cuisine.'
  38. 'As a traditional European café, please note that you will not find any desi or fusion food, or even much European restaurant cuisine such as steaks or chicken fillets.'

More definitions

1. the act or process of fusing; the state of being fused.

2. that which is fused; the result of fusing: A ballet production is the fusion of many talents.

3. Politics. a coalition of parties or factions. (initial capital letter) the political party resulting from such a coalition.

4. Also called nuclear fusion. Physics. a thermonuclear reaction in which nuclei of light atoms join to form nuclei of heavier atoms, as the combination of deuterium atoms to form helium atoms.Compare

More examples(as adjective)

"polypeptides can be fusion."

"candidacies can be fusion."

"jazzs can be fusion."


Mid 16th century: from Latin fusio(n-), from fundere ‘pour, melt’.