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Tapering at both ends; spindle-shaped.
  1. 'Labellar papillae show greater diversity, and may be conical, obpyriform, villiform, fusiform or clavate.'
  2. 'The most conspicuous features of these elongate fusiform actinopterygians consist of one or two rows of anamestic supraorbital bones, a mosaic of suborbitals, and the presence of two rows of extrascapulars in one species.'
  3. 'The Pisaniinae comprise ovate to fusiform gastropods whose shells are sculptured with axial ribs and finer spiral cords and threads.'


1. spindle-shaped; rounded and tapering from the middle toward each end, as some roots.

More examples(as adjective)

"fish can be fusiform."


Mid 18th century: from Latin fusus ‘spindle’ + -form.