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Join or blend to form a single entity.
  1. 'His blends of smooth sounds and ruff beats fuse old-school elements with the new, and his skill as a DJ is right up there too.'
  2. 'Also, uniquely, the male and female parts of the flower are fused into a single structure, called the column.'
  3. 'Their forebrains are fused into a single indivisible whole, and they always die at birth.'
  4. 'Further muddling my ability to fuse my private and public sense of my relationship is the paradox of race in general.'
  5. 'Morover, both towns fused the cause of public health with that of cleanliness.'
  6. 'One plan, which Miller has been promoting for five years, calls for 40 eastern and Mon Valley municipalities to voluntarily fuse into a single entity.'
  7. 'Perhaps in Leonardo, more than any other person we mention in this article, mathematics and art were fused in a single concept.'
  8. 'Voices Of White City is an exceptional project that fuses public art with the local community.'
  9. 'Activists who developed their campaigning skills fighting neoliberalism in the 1980s and 90s risk being out maneuvered by a movement which fuses economic aspiration with family values.'
  10. 'Instead, these two principles are fused into a single principle: the principle of conservation of mass-energy.'
  11. 'And at times, the two sides merge, each fusing the other's major preoccupation to its own.'
  12. with object 'attempts to fuse nuclei together'
  13. 'They hypothesize that four hydrogen atoms fuse with each other in a series of reactions to form a single helium atom.'
  14. 'When vesicles arrive at their destination, they fuse into the target membrane.'
  15. 'Solar neutrinos are produced when two protons fuse together to form a deuterium nucleus, a positron, and a neutrino.'
  16. 'The ascomycete fungi are haploid at all times other than when the gametes fuse to produce the zygote.'
  17. 'Eventually, the dikaryon forms sexual sporangia in which the nuclei fuse into one, which then undergoes meiosis to form haploid spores, and the cycle is repeated.'
  18. 'Gravity then squeezes them further, and the centers get still hotter, until the helium nuclei fuse into the nuclei of heavier atoms.'
  19. 'Still other universes might resemble our own cosmos more closely, but have strong forces so much stronger than ours that all their hydrogen would fuse into helium early on.'
  20. 'If conditions are right, protons and electrons then fuse into neutrons, creating a neutron star.'
  21. 'It demands a tenfold increase in temperature before it will fuse into heavier elements.'
  22. 'When two sex cells fuse into one, the newly formed cell receives one chromosome from each of the parent cells.'
  23. no object 'when fired in a special kiln, the metals fused on to the pot'
  24. 'Once fusion began, the two disks fused completely within 1.3 s into a single large disk.'
  25. 'As the glaze melts in firing, it fuses with the decoration, forming a glossy surface that maintains the line quality of the surface decoration.'
  26. 'The searing heat also fuses the soil into an impermeable layer that increases runoff and stream sedimentation and slows the forest's ability to recover.'
  27. 'Or it can be tinted by fusing colorful glass to the back of the tile so that it appears to have depth but is also opaque - a feature that no other type of tile can duplicate.'
  28. 'There are different techniques of enamelling and one of them is when a vitreous coating is fused on to a metallic surface.'
  29. 'The printer then transfers the toner from the drum to the paper and applies intense heat to fuse the toner to the paper.'
  30. 'I could have gone in for a molar from Kolar or one where porcelain was fused to metal (nickel or chromium alloys typically).'
(of an electrical appliance) stop working when a fuse melts.
  1. 'This caused an very high electricity bill and it caused the electrical appliances in the community centre to fuse.'
  2. 'A Christmas window display in the shop of Messrs Tipping and Lee, coal merchants, Brook Street, Ilkley, was burned out through the fusing of an electric fairy light which formed part of the decorations.'
  3. 'By the time we got there it was twelve o'clock and wasn't very good, it was really loud in there that night, someone had spilt a pint over the DJ's equipment causing the amp to jam on full blast and the mixer to fuse.'
  4. 'What it meant was that my heart's own electrical system had fused.'
  5. 'he will fuse the entire lighting system of the camp'
  6. 'Then, all of a sudden the sound just stopped - it turned out that the amplifier had fused some circuits.'
  7. 'Let's hope he leaves off the light switches at the Concert Hall as on his first visit to survey his new empire at Bothwell Sreet resulted in him fusing all the lights.'
  8. 'It was a tiny candle but for some reason it had fused the church's electrics.'
Provide (a circuit or electrical appliance) with a fuse.
  1. 'If there are not adequate receptacles, a fused and grounded power strip should be used instead of an ordinary extension cord.'


A safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a safe level.
  1. 'If the demand for electrical current exceeds the safety level, a fuse opens once and must be replaced to reconnect the circuit.'
  2. 'Turn the power off at the furnace or by removing the fuse or pulling the circuit breaker that runs the furnace fan.'
  3. 'The company, which supplies fuses to the electronics and car industry, has been in the town for more than 30 years.'
  4. 'I bought fuses for the power strips, but they popped immediately.'
  5. 'Some appliances still work but an electrician spent most of yesterday checking wiring circuits and fuses.'
  6. 'Although low resistance wire is more costly, it will save money in the long run by reducing power loss or blown fuses and will increase safety.'
  7. 'For spare carry a set of drive belts, hose pipes, loose electrical wire, insulation tape, extra fuses and coolant'
  8. 'Shut off the breaker or remove the fuse for the fan circuit; and verify that it is off using a neon circuit tester.'
  9. 'But fuses are designed to break when a large electrical current passes through them, as those who owned homes before the invention of the circuit breaker might remember.'
  10. 'Make sure the dryer is plugged into an outlet suitable for its electrical needs as overloaded electrical outlets can result in blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.'


A length of material along which a small flame moves to explode a bomb or firework, meanwhile allowing time for those who light it to move to a safe distance.
  1. 'Greek special forces have captured a freighter carrying 680 tons of explosives, along with detonators and fuses, bound for North Africa.'
  2. 'Also in his own statement (made on two occasions), he stated that he cupped the match whilst the fuse was being lit - albeit he considered that he made this statement under duress.'
  3. 'The cellar was searched and, hidden amid the large quantity of firewood stored there, 36 barrels of gunpowder were found, along with fuses.'
  4. 'When the fuse was lit I placed it gently in an upright position, as far as I could in the van without actually going in it.'
  5. 'And make propellant for fireworks, and make fuses to ignite the propellant to effectively disperse the oxides for very pretty fireworks!'
  6. 'That one night of every year Dad was the all-knowing and responsible adult, lighting the fuses and stepping back, while Mum tried to stop me from blowing my own limbs off.'
  7. 'Fawkes's task was to light the slow fuse to ignite the barrels of gunpowder.'
  8. 'The explosion was triggered in a classroom where students, aged 9-11, were inserting fuses into fireworks that had been filled with gunpowder by older students.'
  9. 'We only made them around Guy Fawkes as we could take the fuses from commercially made fireworks we bought and use them on the [censored] bombs.'
  10. 'There was only a little difference in the length of their fuses, but it was enough that the last one went off a full second later than the first.'
  11. 'POF have extensive facilities for the manufacture of fuzes, detonators, and primers as detailed below.'
  12. 'If the arming wire has been accidentally pulled during handling, the fuzes shift to the option mode.'
  13. 'He had separated the fuse and the detonator from the plastic explosive.'
  14. 'The fuze initiates an explosive train in the projectile causing the projectile to produce the desired effects.'
  15. 'Most of the shells landed in soft snow and were duds; only those that struck rock or ice would detonate - unless they were airburst shells, which have fuses timed to explode before they hit the ground.'
  16. 'The new fuze will increase the ‘maximum efficiency’ significantly and give the British Trident submarines hard target kill capability for the first time.'
  17. 'Will the action of removing the fuse set off the explosive?'
  18. 'The fuze is a self-powered, microprocessor controlled device and contains a radio frequency radar.'
  19. 'What he doesn't know, of course is that he is the bomb, complete with remotely controlled fuse hidden somewhere in the car.'
  20. 'As the range of artillery increased, much longer delays time fuzes were necessary than could be provided by earlier designs such as the 5 second Bormann time fuze.'


Fit a fuse to (a bomb, shell, or mine)
  1. 'This round is fuzed with the M758 Point Detonating Self-Destruct fuze, developed and produced exclusively by Alliant Techsystems.'

More definitions

1. a tube, cord, or the like, filled or saturated with combustible matter, for igniting an explosive.

2. fuze (def 1). verb (used with object), fused, fusing.

3. fuze (def 3). Idioms

4. have a short fuse, Informal. to anger easily; have a quick temper.

More examples(as adjective)

"vertebras can be fused to girdles."

"objects can be fused with surroundingses."

"negotiations can be fused with debates."

"figures can be fused with surroundingses."

"crimes can be fused in eyes."

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(fuse)Mid 17th century: from Italian fuso, from Latin fusus ‘spindle’.


light the (or a) fuse
have (or be on) a short fuse