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(of an edge or extreme) at the greatest distance from a central point or implicit standpoint.
  1. 'When he'd awakened by the stream, his bare feet were muddy but unmarked, yet by the time he found his car still discreetly parked in the furthermost part of the institute's immense parking lots, they were bruised and scratched.'
  2. 'I cannot rest until I am alone in the farthermost edge, wedge, ledge of the shop, great or small, lying along the skirting board, legs propped, reading.'
  3. 'They are farmers and herders on a windswept rock at the furthermost reaches of the world.'
  4. 'The central open-air market is the heart of the city, pumping an assortment of useless bric-a-brac and expensive marionettes out to its furthermost reaches, and generally keeping the tourist cash flowing.'
  5. 'It took me about fifteen minutes to find it in the farthermost part of the greenhouse.'
  6. 'Pushing herself a bit more, she drew even with the furthermost behind of them, then the next and the one after that.'
  7. 'In my room he was curled into the farthermost corner with his knees brought up to his chest.'
  8. 'Obviously, there are many more partner stretches which can be carried out to help you achieve the furthermost position in each stretch.'
  9. 'On Friday we took a catamaran out to the furthermost point on the Great Barrier Reef to do some snorkeling and tour the reef in a submarine. Words cannot do the trip justice. It was everything you might imagine it would be.'
  10. 'Strange, I observed; as toilet etiquette dictates that the furthermost cubicles are occupied first.'


1. most distant: Their house is furthermost on the right.

More examples(as adjective)

"ends can be furthermost."

"points can be furthermost."

"edges can be furthermost."

"comers can be furthermost."