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Covered with fur.
  1. 'At the pet store, I spotted a cute, furry puppy and an equally cute guy working there.'
  2. 'They stand aghast that a person can devote so much of their busy life to quiet conversations with these furry friends.'
  3. 'It delivers 7,000 furry friends to seven hospitals in the area each year.'
  4. 'Now the house Pomeranians eat cat food, the stray cats eat dog food and all the furry creatures sit where they wish.'
  5. 'They are nice furry mammals, which sit in the palm and can be stroked.'
  6. 'The once furry brown creature now looked like a fuzzy, purple and green monster.'
  7. 'You need them spaced at intervals of about 2m, with the baited ends placed across the routes used by your furry friends.'
  8. 'Usually Gerbils have a white furry tummy and their tails are also covered in hair, unlike those of mice.'
  9. 'Why do goats sing and what can a bee, a mouse, and an unknown furry creature have in common?'
  10. 'Besides, a better celebration is some quiet time at home with the wife and the two furry children.'
  11. 'a layer of furry soot'
  12. 'Before long he discovered a large, peculiar seed; it was furry and the color of pomegranates.'
  13. 'She was wearing a furry waistcoat and odd, low-slung baggy trousers, but the most interesting thing was her bottom.'
  14. 'The leaves are light green, slightly furry and have an attractive scalloped edge.'


An enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.
  1. as modifier 'the furry fandom'
  2. 'When a cafe owner found himself unable to squirrel away enough money to keep his restaurant open, the furry community stepped up to help him bear his debt.'
  3. 'The idea that all furries are doing something taboo was perpetuated in news media reports last fall.'
  4. 'Furries are the nicest nerds and geeks I've ever met.'
  5. 'I see outlets that make fun of furries in manners that range from gentle fun-poking to outright malice.'
  6. 'Costuming helps some furries express themselves in ways they couldn't in everyday clothes.'
A small fur-covered animal, typically a rodent.
  1. 'Staff at the charity are hoping to find new homes for the dogs, cats, rabbits, small furries, and other pets in their care.'
  2. 'I would love to be able to set a central air thermostat at a reasonable level for during very hot days when I'm at work, as opposed to worrying all day about my furries getting overheated.'
  3. 'The fearless furry returned to the door of his makeshift burrow and watched his brothers and sisters snuggle up to their mum.'
  4. 'It's not just dogs and cats being abandoned, it's also what we call our small furries—be it rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils.'
  5. 'They are all long-haired furries, too.'
  6. 'The little furries make forays to the world above.'


1. consisting of or resembling fur: a deep, furry rug in front of the fireplace; the furry undergrowth of the forest.

2. covered with fur; wearing fur: Many furry animals are in danger of becoming extinct.

3. obstructed or coated as if with fur: a furry voice; a furry tongue.

4. Slang. terrifying; hair-raising.

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"creatures can be furry."

"animals can be furry."

"friends can be furry."

"fish can be furry."

"ears can be furry."

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