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The short, fine, soft hair of certain animals.
  1. 'Lauren groomed Samoa's soft fur gently, and the cat purred loudly.'
  2. '‘Just thinking of something,’ she sighed and ran her fingers over her cat's soft fur.'
  3. 'They have short fur on the front of the ears and long hairs on the back to increase their hearing capabilities.'
  4. 'Even when fur has no commercial value, trappers are sent to work, in some cases at taxpayer expense.'
  5. 'Underneath there, it's very, very soft fur underneath the porcupine.'
  6. 'The females in particular were sought after for their fine, soft fur.'
  7. 'While it lacks the glamour factor of soft sensuous fur, a shearling's ability to keep out the cold is indisputable.'
  8. 'In some coats the sheepskin is treated to look like fine fur, which makes bold statements in men's bomber and full-length styles.'
  9. 'I could live without the fine veneer of cat fur on my clothes too.'
  10. 'I was half covered in soft fur of an animal of some kind.'
  11. 'the trapper can sell his furs to the highest bidder'
  12. 'While it is widely acceptable to object to eating flesh, wearing skins and furs, and sport-hunting of non-human animals, the objection to vivisection is relatively muted in comparison.'
  13. 'Spanish lieutenant governors, palms well greased, usually winked at contraband trade, and furs, skins, and trade goods would flow across borders with relative ease.'
  14. 'There were stalls and stalls of furs and animal hide.'
  15. 'There wasn't a blank spot anywhere, beautiful carpets covered most of the floor and there were paintings and animal furs on the walls.'
  16. 'My mother did beadwork, tanned all the skins, sewed furs, made soap, smoked meat.'
  17. 'He trapped foxes for extra money and sold their furs all around.'
  18. 'Longclaw uses one as an extension for his mast, and adds skins and furs to his sail as the temperature permits.'
  19. 'Parties of Creeks regularly journeyed from Georgia and Alabama to exchange skins and furs at Pensacola; many Creek women had married traders.'
  20. 'During the summers, some families live in tents made from furs or skins.'
  21. 'They were comfortable in the warm southern sunshine, but felt strange to one who had worn nothing but animal skins and furs all his life.'
  22. as modifier 'a fur coat'
  23. 'Leather and/or fur hats can look great on older men who want to keep warm while maintaining their refined, polished look.'
  24. 'Traditionally, North America, Western Europe, the Nordic countries and Russia have been the major markets for fur garments.'
  25. 'Noteworthy numbers were the knitted fur cardigans and the silver foil fur-lined jackets.'
  26. 'And I'd look really stupid in that purple fedora and fur coat, by the way.'
  27. 'Even a pair of jeans looks formal when you wear fur vests.'
  28. 'Shoes are low stilettos and mink fur neck wraps feature unnecessarily.'
  29. 'Snow lightly fell on the ground as people bustled back and forth in their large fur coats and hats.'
  30. 'Large covered hooks and eyes are commonly used for fur garment closures.'
  31. 'The activists targeted Hartley's fashion store because of a small number of garments featuring rabbit fur collars.'
  32. 'He was also wearing a coat with fur trim on the hood and a beret which had a badge on the front.'
  33. 'The man across the table wearing a fur and had very long nails on his pinkies.'
  34. 'I was not in love with his use of furs in this collection.'
  35. 'Standing, she shed the furs and pulled her cloak tightly around herself.'
  36. 'These women were traveling, they had relationships, they had jewels, they had furs.'
  37. 'Walk in, and you'll find everything from funky furs to elegant dress coats.'
  38. 'He intended to store winter garments and furs for people for a fee.'
  39. 'His tour operator has asked anyone wearing a fur to report to the police station as it has probably been stolen.'
  40. 'He depicts emerging class divisions - the wealthy in top hat and furs, along with the newcomers ignored by the black middle class.'
  41. 'Even the furs, feathers and jewellery received the first-class treatment.'
  42. 'Now, you know as well as I do, that you rarely see anyone under fifty-ish or even with vaguely liberal views wearing a fur nowadays.'
A coating formed by hard water on the inside surface of a pipe, kettle, or other container.
  1. 'It, together with calcium carbonate, or the chalk of limestone deposits, is what makes water ‘hard’ and furs up the kettle.'
  2. 'Just had a bit of breakfast and I'm now trying to get the fur off my tongue while writing this.'


Coat or clog with a deposit.
  1. 'When these arteries fur up with fatty cholesterol deposits, the heart muscle doesn't receive enough blood to work properly.'
  2. 'Most angina is due to disease of the coronary arteries that results when the arteries fur up with fatty deposits.'
  3. 'For now, it is safest to say that the combination of high fat and high sugar is a deadly one for furring up the arteries.'
  4. 'All that cheese though - virtually furring up the arteries even as you consume it.'
  5. 'Then our season is over, and I can retreat into a world of apathy, occasional delight at victories over lesser teams and my arteries can begin to fur up at a lesser rate.'
  6. 'It is a dietary mantra that has bordered on the fanatic: fat is a killer and a clogger and it furs your arteries, bursts your blood vessels, and sends your weight soaring through the stratosphere.'
  7. 'On this fork is something that will taste delicious, but it might bring you out in spots, put weight on your hips, fur your arteries, endanger your guts.'
  8. 'Almonds are full of naturally occurring antioxidants that have the ability to prevent cholesterol furring up arteries.'
Covered with or made from a particular type of fur.
  1. 'The powerful tail is also fully furred, and is shorter in sea otters than other otter species.'
  2. 'Fortunately, they were of the furred and feathered kind.'
  3. 'Flying squirrels have a furred membrane extending between the wrist and ankle that allows them to glide between trees.'
  4. 'The cold and snow had no effect on the people in the streets, who turned their surroundings into a mass of furred and gloved figures.'
  5. 'A branch creaks; a silent shadow skims the ground, and another few pecans vanish into the furred cheek of a squirrel.'
  6. 'It's a griffin, definitely, with a hooked, grey beak like an eagle, a sleek, furred head and the unmistakable outline of wings behind it, all purple.'
  7. 'The golden furred cat stretched out it's body, tail swishing as it smoothly padded over to the door.'
  8. 'The menu still refers, quaintly, to feathered and furred game, mostly brought down from the restaurant's own game estate in the high Pennines.'
  9. 'There was a porcelain toilet with a yellow furred seat coverer, and yellow tinted plastic drapes for the shower.'
  10. 'The door creaked open and a furred snout poked out.'
Level (floor or wall timbers) by inserting strips of wood.
  1. 'If headroom is more limited, furring down the ceiling and then covering it with a finished material is a possible solution.'
  2. 'You can accomplish both those tasks by furring the floor up using lumber and plywood.'


A member of a Muslim people of the mountainous and desert regions of SW Sudan.
  1. 'Historically, Arabs in Sudan tend to practice nomadic pastoralism, and black Africans (such as the Fur or Masalit) tend to subsist through sedentary agriculture.'
  2. 'The Arab tribes are typically nomadic, while the non-Arab blacks, such as the Fur, are mostly farmers.'
  3. 'A year later it took up arms and sparked a successful rebellion that united nearly all the African tribes in Darfur - notably the Fur, Masalit, and Zhagawa.'
  4. 'Darfur means ‘Homeland of the Fur, ‘the name of one of the remote region's sedentary, non-Arab tribes.’'
  5. 'Low-level fighting among communities in western Sudan (all of which are Muslim) has been endemic since the late 1980s, when a war broke out between the Arabs and the Fur, two of the ethnic groups involved in the present conflict.'
The language of the Fur, an isolated member of the Nilo-Saharan family, with about 500,000 speakers.
  1. 'Today's New York Times has a story about the on-going spread of Arabic at the expense of the languages of Western Sudan, such as Fur and Daju.'


Relating to the Fur or their language.
  1. 'The highly independent Fur group, who have been ruled by the sultan of Darfur since 1916, have revolted with the Zaghawa, Masalit and other tribes in reaction to this.'
  2. 'Before that, Darfur was under the control of the indigenous Fur sultanate.'
  3. 'The 136 men, all members of the Fur ethnic group aged between 20 and 60, were rounded up in early March in two separate sweeps in the Garsila and Mugjir areas in Wadi Saleh.'
  4. 'Human Rights Watch spent 25 days in West Darfur and the vicinity, documenting abuses in rural areas that were previously populated by Masalit and Fur communities.'


1. the act of lining, trimming, or clothing with fur: Furring this coat will take several weeks.

2. the fur used: What kind of furring would you like?

3. the formation of a coating of matter on something, as on the tongue: A heavy furring could mean a high fever.

4. Building Trades. the attaching of strips of wood or the like (furring strips) to a wall or other surface, as to provide an even support for lath or to provide an air space between the wall and plasterwork. material

More examples(as adjective)

"ups can be furring."


Middle English (as a verb): from Old French forrer ‘to line, sheathe’, from forre ‘sheath’, of Germanic origin.


be all fur coat and no knickers
fur and feather
the fur will fly