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Furniture, fittings, and other decorative accessories such as curtains and carpets, for a house or room.
  1. mass noun 'the furnishing comprised three easy chairs and one oval table'
  2. 'Tactile elements, such as luxurious carpeting and quality furnishings, are a bonus.'
  3. 'You have to help me choose the styles of her gown, not to mention furnishings for her room.'
  4. 'They shined a dirty light on the only furnishings in the room, a chair and a small table.'
  5. 'The front desk takes care of everything from laundering sheets to updating furnishings.'
  6. 'To get rid of red wine stains on furnishings and carpets don't apply salt - use carbonated soda water instead.'
  7. 'In the wet season the rain pours in, ruining the last of the royal carpets and furnishings.'
  8. 'It also houses an extensive array of furniture, furnishings and assorted curios.'
  9. 'The solid mahogany bar fittings and furniture and deep pile furnishings sets the tone of the club.'
  10. 'Each room had the same furnishings and amount of dirt, the only thing that changed was the color.'
  11. 'To break the monotony, we hopped along the road in a westerly direction to pay a visit to a large furniture and furnishings store.'

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1. furnishings. furniture, carpeting, etc., for a house or room. articles or accessories of dress: men's furnishings.

2. that with which anything is furnished.

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"fabrics can be furnishing."

"styles can be furnishing."

"shares can be furnishing."

"rugs can be furnishing."

"reasonings can be furnishing."

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