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(of accommodation) available to be rented with furniture.
  1. 'Of course we didn't have a lot to bring as we were renting a furnished apartment.'
  2. 'The farmhouse is split into three fully self-contained and furnished apartments, and has access to a swimming pool, barbecue, deck chairs and sun umbrellas.'
  3. 'The Brookfield Hall development in Castletroy comprises eight blocks of furnished apartments that are to be let to students during the academic year.'
  4. 'After the divorce, his father had lived in a succession of furnished New York studios, and had moved back to Germany in the early 1960s.'
  5. 'At the Rivercourt scheme in Ballymahon, there are two fully furnished penthouse apartments available priced £130,000.'
  6. 'Its advertising material states: ‘we provide completely furnished travel apartments’.'
  7. 'For example, I have heard of four guys renting a fully furnished house for the summer for $50 / month each, utilities included.'
  8. 'The centre includes a fully furnished show apartment and is open today from 2-4pm.'
  9. 'Their solicitor had already found a fully furnished house for rent in London, and made a down payment on it.'
  10. 'The Al-Muhajir Hotel, for example, is an unassuming concrete building with 26 furnished apartments.'


1. to supply (a house, room, etc.) with necessary furniture, carpets, appliances, etc.

2. to provide or supply (often followed by with): The delay furnished me with the time I needed. noun

3. paper pulp and any ingredients added to it prior to its introduction into a papermaking machine.

More examples(as adjective)

"bedrooms can be furnished in styles."

"villas can be furnished with libraries."

"kitchens can be furnished with goods."

"kitchens can be furnished of equipments."

"interiors can be furnished in styles."

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