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Provide (a house or room) with furniture and fittings.
  1. '‘It tells us about the poor people at the time, what they wore, how they furnished their houses, how they lived,’ said Alison.'
  2. 'A reproduction of the original Brussels weave carpet covers the floors and a mixture of objects of different styles and epochs furnish the room.'
  3. 'His personal possessions arrived crammed in the back of a van and a team of staff began the lengthy task of furnishing his room.'
  4. 'The Loockermans were probably typical of prosperous pre-Revolutionary residents of Delaware in furnishing their houses with a combination of locally made goods and finer wares from Philadelphia.'
  5. 'Their children, Generation Y, will be in the mid-20s nesting phase, acquiring cars, buying new homes and furnishing their rooms with lamps and love seats.'
  6. 'They didn't buy any more furniture for the living room or extra bedrooms because furnishing the baby's room was the most important thing on their list.'
  7. 'Every bedroom and every room was furnished to perfection.'
  8. 'Once fans have finished furnishing their rooms, they're being encouraged to send pictures of their boudoirs to the official Olsen twins' website, where they will be posted.'
  9. 'Anticipating Emma's return at Christmas, she had begun furnishing a room of the house as a child's nursery.'
  10. 'When a developer asked David Linley to furnish a neo-Georgian house, he gave them his trademark style combined with collectables old and new.'
Be a source of; provide.
  1. 'Moreover, sources close to Enron began to furnish the Journal with documents.'
  2. 'One must pay attention to his ramblings, as they furnish important clues for what the player is supposed to do next.'
  3. 'Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.'
  4. 'The emerging technology of digital scanning furnishes an opportunity to provide access to these important newspaper resources without destroying the resource itself.'
  5. 'Language furnishes the best proof that a law accepted by a community is a thing that is tolerated and not a rule to which all freely consent.'
  6. 'Though Banking Ombudsman has nothing to do with it, I have asked the ICICI Bank to furnish details,’ said Mr. Sebastian.'
  7. 'They often furnish important physical descriptions or represent notable characteristics.'
  8. 'If ever you wanted to know about England's position in the scheme of things, European footballwise, then a few hours spent in front of the television last Saturday would have furnished you with all the information you could possibly need.'
  9. 'Our casting director was unable to track down an agent for Mr. Allen so I called a friend who furnished me with what turned out to be Dayton's home number.'
  10. 'The head of one of these nonprofits drives a Mercedes-Benz provided by the nonprofit, which previously furnished him with two Jaguars.'
  11. 'It is envisaged that, once established, the commission will furnish Mr McDowell with a final report within 18 months.'
  12. 'My friends, you are no different than the young lad who furnishes me with my large order of chips at McDonald's.'
  13. 'The contractor will furnish you with a one-year warranty on the line replacement per the Scope of Work.'
  14. 'The department will furnish you with reporting forms and sales tax rate charts to distribute to the vendors.'
  15. 'We will furnish you with itemized invoices for all fees and payments made by us and all expenses incurred by us.'
  16. 'We request that, as a first step, you furnish us with a brief description of a topic you would like to pursue.'
  17. 'It furnished them with elegantly prepared meals (in contrast to the work camps, which still oblige laborers to sling their own hash), and it shifted the focus from hard labor to cultural exchange.'

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1. to supply (a house, room, etc.) with necessary furniture, carpets, appliances, etc.

2. to provide or supply (often followed by with): The delay furnished me with the time I needed. noun

3. paper pulp and any ingredients added to it prior to its introduction into a papermaking machine.

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"rooms can be furnish with trestles."

"rooms can be furnish with antiqueses."

"houses can be furnish with antiqueses."

"rooms can be furnish."

"houses can be furnish."

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Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘provide or equip with what is necessary or desirable’): from Old French furniss-, lengthened stem of furnir, ultimately of West Germanic origin.