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A colourless liquid used in synthetic resin manufacture, originally obtained by distilling bran.
  1. 'The liquor undergoes a process of further evaporation and fermentation to remove volatile compounds like methanol, furfural and ethanol.'
  2. 'Johann Doebereiner,, a German chemist accidentally discovered furfural in 1832 when he treated sugar with sulfuric acid and manganese dioxide.'
  3. 'However, such conditions also result in the formation of furfurals from glucose and xylose.'
  4. 'This research concentrates mainly on the market potential for furfural and phenolic compounds and examines some of the features of new processing technologies that offer cost advantages.'
  5. 'On the toxicity of furfural, I quoted from page 109 of the scoping report: ‘A particular chemical of concern that will be produced by the plant is furfural.’'
  6. 'Upon further heating, the sucrose forms hydroxymethyl furfural, which polymerizes into a the brown pigments that give color and flavor to the brittle.'

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1. a colorless, oily liquid, C 5 H 4 O 2 , having an aromatic odor, obtained from bran, sugar, wood, corncobs, or the like, by distillation: used chiefly in the manufacture of plastics and as a solvent in the refining of lubricating oils.

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"products can be furfural."

"businesses can be furfural."


Late 19th century: from obsolete furfurol (in the same sense) + -al.