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(of music) having or using a strong dance rhythm, in particular that of funk.
  1. 'The background music was funky jazz, just right for a Saturday lunchtime.'
  2. 'Their music, a funky twist of '80s new wave and '90s indie, drew in onlookers as they pushed through their set.'
  3. 'Finally, Toby Weymouth will round things off with funky techno and breaks.'
  4. 'The music was funky, but didn't inspire impromptu dancing the last night I was there which was a shame.'
  5. 'The result is a lively blend of jazz, restrained hip-hop and funky feel-good rhythm.'
  6. '‘My original intention, and it still is, was to have very positive, funky, party dance music,’ he says.'
  7. 'As we arrived at the race site, Simon had on his headphones listening to funky music.'
  8. 'Always an Irish favourite, Justin is equally at home playing pumping house as funky techno and always rocks the party.'
  9. 'The level loaded and funky techno music filled the room.'
  10. 'The Montreal crew share a technique, processing tiny fragments of sound into bubbling, funky, minimal house music.'
  11. 'she likes wearing funky clothes'
  12. 'Keep one simple pair for everyday use and get one funky or stylish pair for certain occasions, like a night out on the town, or to go with a particular outfit.'
  13. 'Add lighting to your office with funky, stylish desk and standing lamps.'
  14. 'The clothes are wonderful, a mix of funky, stylish and classic pieces.'
  15. 'During the second half of the evening casual and funky clothes were modelled as the girls gave everyone ideas for a Saturday night out with a difference.'
  16. 'This is the eighth year of funky crafts, clothes, cards and hopefully more of those neat pillows they had last year.'
  17. 'If teenagers want to dye their hair, paint their fingernails black, or wear funky clothes, it may be worth thinking twice before you object.'
  18. 'He tackles a variety of styles, from his signature over-the-top look through chic, romantic, modern and funky, and on to downright conservative.'
  19. 'Jane Bond's Martinis are one of its features and, though pricey at $6.85, are just as stylish, funky and classy as the rest of the restaurant.'
  20. 'The heavy drapes were pulled down making it quite dark, while the cutlery and accessories are modern and funky.'
  21. 'They were really strange, funky clothes and I kept wondering if they managed to get the right size and why they would do this.'
Strongly musty.
  1. 'I do not want to see or smell your funky feet, crusty heels or unpedicured toes.'
  2. 'Just don't offer your deadbeat ex a place to crash unless you're ready for a permanent roommate with a funky stale beer scent.'


Frightened, panicky, or cowardly.


    1. overcome with great fear; terrified.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "disclosures can be funkiest."


    (funky)Mid 19th century: from funk.