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(of a railway, especially one on a mountainside) operating by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced.
  1. 'The big news this year is, of course, the opening of Cairngorm's high-speed funicular railway, a facility that, as far as skiers is concerned, is long overdue.'
  2. 'First, it required a metro back into town (nearest metro stop just over a kilometre away) then a train out north, then a tram up a very steep hill, then a funicular railway to the top.'
  3. 'The Government decision means the green light for major work to refurbish Pier Hill and provide a new link through a lift or funicular railway from the High Street to the seafront.'
  4. 'I could have descended the hill by funicular railway, only there seemed little point queueing to squeeze myself into an overcrowded carriage for the one minute journey.'
  5. 'A group of architects will this week unveil their visions for the future of Edinburgh's Royal Mile - including pedestrianisation, trams and a funicular railway.'
  6. 'In the other direction from Poncebos, a bizarre (and ecologically controversial) funicular railway tunnels through the rock up to the sleepy village of Bulnes.'
  7. 'Start from the car park under Cairn Gorm, with its new funicular railway, which is still the cause of much debate.'
  8. 'So, in April 1884, they opened the first of a series of funicular railways, or elevadores, to tackle the gradients.'
  9. 'If you opt for the mountain's new, controversial funicular railway, then you are probably going to find yourself trapped inside a glass visitors' centre, barred from even setting foot on Cairngorm.'
  10. 'Take the funicular railway up Penang Hill, past the old colonial-style bungalows, to see the magnificent views from the top.'
Relating to a rope or its tension.


    A funicular railway.
    1. 'This one is the hardest to find of the three funiculars but is the most interesting.'
    2. 'Engineers have built funiculars and incline railways for underground travel, too, such as into caves or mines.'
    3. 'He believes, however, that the funicular will plague the Westminster government and the Scottish Executive for years to come, particularly at election times.'
    4. 'Admission to the Railroaders Memorial Museum includes access to Horseshoe Curve, which has a small museum and a funicular from there to the tracks of the curve.'
    5. 'They drew the inspiration from the inauguration of the first funicular of Mt. Vesuvius.'
    6. 'That evening we dined at a mountain restaurant at Sunegga which can be reached only after a steep ride in a funicular.'
    7. 'Apart from cliffside funiculars, it is the oldest working cable tramway in Britain.'
    8. 'Craving solitude we flock to the hills in droves; in search of the unspoilt we scar their slopes with tarmac and funiculars.'
    9. 'The 11 th-century Hohensalzburg Fortress, overlooking the Salzburg, affords amazing views and if you can't face the walk, its 1892 funicular will take you to the top in no time.'
    10. 'The funicular would suddenly stop, and you would look down and see the village miles below.'
    11. 'Monday The Mountaineering Council of Scotland adds to the furore over the controversial Cairngorm funicular which already has many skiers and conservationists up in arms.'
    12. 'The two other funiculars in Lisbon are Bica and Lavra.'
    13. 'Because cars are not allowed in the District, this funicular is the best way to get up there.'
    14. 'Just one day earlier things were very different, with hordes of skiers and snowboarders snaking back into the car park, queuing for a trip on the brand new funicular that opened on Christmas Eve after years of planning and controversy.'
    15. 'Visit the Cable Car Museum to see how the funicular helped in the development of this city.'
    16. 'Other types of funiculars may utilize only one passenger car that is hoisted up and down the hillside or mountain.'
    17. 'Between lakes and mountains, this unusual funicular railway you to explore the Jura landscape.'
    18. 'Dozens of funiculars are billed as the world's shortest, steepest or shortest-and-steepest railway.'


    1. of or relating to a rope or cord, or its tension.

    2. worked by a rope or the like. noun

    3. funicular railway.

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    "railways can be funicular."

    "stations can be funicular."

    "dynamites can be funicular."

    "cars can be funicular."

    "wills can be funicular."

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    Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘of or like a cord or thread’): from Latin funiculus (diminutive of funis ‘rope’) + -ar.